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    Welcome to Ciputra Hanoi, the biggest International City next to West Lake and the Red River. Ciputra Hanoi opens such a big world where there is a perfect combination of work, live and entertainment in the same natural green atmosphere.

    With the positive contribution to the environment of foreign investment in Vietnam in the past years, CIPUTRA HANOI has received many awards and certificates of merit by the Government of Vietnam and the faithful organizations such as

    – Golden Cup for “Foreign Direct Investment Enterprises on Community Development”;

    – Reward of “The Best Large Scale Urban Township” in the consecutive years 2008-2012 of Vietnam Economic Times;

    – The first Rank for “Vietnam’s Best Apartment Building” with THE LINK – PREMIUM APARTMENTS of Vietnam Real Estate Association;

    – Certificate of Green Building THE EDGE- THE LINK APARTMENT;

    – TOP 10 Vietnam Typical Construction Brand.

    These are the priceless gift that motivate all leaders and staffs in the Group to continue to strive for a Ciputra Hanoi to breakthrough and conquer long-term challenges in the future.

    Golden Dragon Awards 2017

     Golden Dragon Awards initiated by the Vietnam Economic Times is the top prestigious award honoring foreign direct investment enterprises in Vietnam.

    The honored enterprises operate in business lines such as Finance, Banking, Insurance, Transportation, Automobiles, Motorcycles, Agriculture-Forestry, Fisheries, Food technology and Beverage, Construction, Real Estate, Cosmetics, Footwear, Garment, Electronics, Machine Building, Information Technology, Healthcare and Education.

    Amongst the outstanding enterprises honored in the year, Ciputra Hanoi, a typical and traditional brand, represents foreign real estate investment enterprises honored at the tournament for 10 consecutive years (2008-2017) with high vote.

    Ciputra Hanoi – Top 10 Vietnam’s Typical Construction Brand

    In the morning of August 20th, 2017 in Au Co Theater at 8 Huynh Thuc Khang, Hanoi, the Construction Newspaper organized the program of awarding the title of “Vietnam’s Typical Construction Brand II – 2017” by the Construction Newspaper’s reader that was live on VOVTv. Ciputra Hanoi was proud to be named in TOP 10 “Vietnam’s Construction Brand”.

    The Award is organized and voted publicly on the Electronic Construction Newspaper – the prestigious newspaper published widely in the country and over the world. Voting for the Typical Construction Brand is to recognize the community’s evaluation as well as recognition on brands, products and services that contribute positively and effectively to customers’ interests for the development and integration of the Construction Industry in particular and the national economy in general.

    Vietnam Property Awards 2016 – The LINK – Premium Apartments

    Vietnam Property Awards II in 2016 honored the prestigious investors and new investors nationwide with a total of 22 award categories for housing, trading and resort in the field of real estate.

    In the evening of June 10th, 2016 at the ceremony of honoring Vietnam’s most prestigious real estate at Intercontinental Asiana Saigon Hotel (Ho Chi Minh City), The LINK – PREMIUM APARTMENTS of Ciputra Hanoi International City was honored First Prize for the Best Apartment in Hanoi. In the first participation at the Vietnam Property Awards 2016, Ciputra Hanoi received the appreciation of the referral Unit and Board of Vietnam Property 2016 because the project was conducted by the prestigious investor and it was located at the prime position and also provides ecological living environment along with synchronous master plan, perfect facilities as well as service and professional property management.

    Vietnam Real Estate Awards under Asia Real Estate Awards is known as Asia Property Awards. The Award recognizes and honors the outstanding real estate projects as well as the best quality projects in Asia. By the professional award management as well as fair examiners, the Award contributes to introducing and enhancing the position of Asia’s Real Estate Industry. Mr. Duong Thien, Chairman of Vietnam Property Awards Jury 2016 (VPA 2016) said: “The VPA 2016 finalists can be proud of their practical benefits for buyers and market as well as contribution to enhancing Vietnam Property that is closer to the major market in the region and the world”.

    The Green Construction Certificate The Edge – The LINK – Premium Apartments

    The LINK – PREMIUM APARTMENTS, one of the pioneers applying the EDGE Green Building standard, has excellently passed the strictest criteria to obtain the certificate (for the design phase) in November in 2016.
    It is a global voluntary certificate for the projects using solar energy and resources effectively which developed by International Finance Corporation (IFC) of World Bank (WB). It helps construct the green buildings fast, conveniently and at affordable price for newly emerging markets.

    The certificate system offers green technical solutions and decreases invested expenses as well as saves cost estimate of construction during the operating period whether it is a popular or luxury apartment, hotel, office building, hospital or retail centers. As a part of the global development trend, EDGE green certificate helps people save money by using green buildings. The perfect combination of architects, developers and finance will encourage living and working in such green buildings, which makes a new look for the future.

    Ciputra Hanoi International City is proud of receiving the EDGE green certificate in our design phase for 2 types of The LINK apartments with some saving indicators:

    The green solutions will not only preserve a better living environment for next generations but also help families access to the latest technology and energy efficiency.

    The following technical solutions applied to achieve the certificate:

    – ENERGY: (Decrease ratio of window area and wall, exterior reflecting paint, shade effect, roof insulation, insulation for external walls, electricity saving bulbs in mutual areas or outside space).

    – WATER: (Moderate flow of water from the shower, sink and dual flush).

    – MATERIALS: (External walls: Reinforced concrete wall, Internal walls: Empty concrete Bricks, concrete column, Water resistant floor and Ceramic tiles).

    Reduction of CO2 emission.

    Ciputra Group was obtained the first EDGE certificate for Citra Towers Kemayoran Project (in Jakarta, Indonesia) in November, 2014 with the commercial building and the second project is The LINK (Ciputra Hanoi) received EDGE certificate for the design phase in September, 2016. By obtaining EDGE certificate, Ciputra Hanoi has affirmed the role and responsibility of our typical enterprise in environmental protection while implementing Ecological Cultural Introduction Program – the program is initiated by Mr. Budiarasa Sastrawinata-General Director of Citra West Lake City Development Company Limited since 2012.

    “The Program is the symbol of the continuous effort of Ciputra group and Ciputra Vietnam in responding to climate change for more sustainable future”.