Golf Properties And Home-Resort Trend


Golf Properties And Home-Resort Trend

Fresh living space, beautiful landscape view, leasing attraction to foreign tenants as well as the potential of price boosting in the future are attractive points for investors towards golf properties.

Golf properties are often developed in resorts and are primarily weekend homes. This type of property is inclusive of its own characteristics, classy lifestyle, satisfying the passion for golf – “noble” sport and bringing a luxurious living space to the elite. Therefore, golf properties generally are always attractive for the high-end segment.

TheLINK345 complex overlooking the 38-lane golf course – The luxurious utility at Ciputra Hanoi

If the golf course was previously built as a separate area only for those who played this sport; in recent years, the golf course has been developed by investors in the form of gymnasium, a facility of the project for the “home-resort” lifestyle, which both creates focal points to attract visitors and increase the value of the property.

In the US, a golf property project has a 10% higher price than other products while the selling price of a golf villa in the UK is up to 2 times higher than that of a common villa in the same area. Villas and apartments next to the golf course in the world with prices up to millions of dollars, even tens of millions of dollars, are an attractive investment channel for any investor.

Ciputra Hanoi – The pioneer developer of golf property in the inner city.

In Hanoi, the number of property projects developed with golf courses is limited and is mainly developed in the outskirts of the city because this type requires large space and plentiful land fund.

Fresh living space next to the green golf course at Ciputra Hanoi

Ciputra Hanoi is the first project in the metropolitan area with the good foresight when setting aside a large land fund in the “golden” area right next to West Lake to invest in a golf course. With 11,000 square meters of practice and play space, the course includes 38 lanes, overlooks to 300-yard lake, in the chipping area with natural sandpits or a challenging putting green area for golfers, which has brought an ideal training space for the athletes of this “rich”’s sport and brought great living space to residents. The beauty of the golf course with vast green grass alternating with landscapes such as white sand lakes, forest trees and freshwater lake makes homeowners find the perfect peaceful moments every day as they are living in the suburbs filled with the scent of nature and plants.

Experiencing the resort living style right at TheLINK345 – Ciputra Hanoi

The endless view of the golf course from a high-end villa

“This is a safe investment channel, whether to stay, attract tenants or the ability to increase prices in the future due to the scarcity and class of products. Ciputra properties with limited products and low construction density, whether villas or high-end apartments, have a competitive advantage when they are harmoniously designed with green space areas next to the golf course, providing beautiful views from all directions. We believe in this vision, as like the pioneering direction in building the first closed international urban area in Vietnam more than a decade ago”. The Ciputra Hanoi investor’s representative said.


Only a limitation of L5- TheLINK apartments with wondeful views overlooking the golf course is available now with the price of from only VND 3.3 billion. In particular, according to the latest information from the Investor, any purchase of L5 Apartment from now to the end of August 31st, 2019 will be offered an interior finishing package including full kitchen and sanitation system, wardrobe, washing machine, air conditioner… worth up to VND 300 million.