Real Estate Investment – Lessons Learnt From President Donald Trump?


Real Estate Investment – Lessons Learnt From President Donald Trump?

Before becoming the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump is known as a “tycoon of real estate tycoons” with a genius of vision and investment strategy. Real estate “possessed” by Trump always seems to be “turned” into gold with a profit value up to tens and hundreds of millions of dollars. For Trump, “position is not all” but he is “ready to pay a high price for an important position.” Amazing landscape, prestige, development potential and convenience are the four factors that real estate investors need to consider from the perspective of Donald Trump for the best “quality” position.

1. Amazing landscape
What Trump likes most about the location he built Trump World Tower was potential of the spectacular landscape that could overlook the East River. Without that, he did not buy such property. In fact, the landscape is also an important factor behind the success of the building at No. 40, Wall Street (with a wonderful view looking down New York Harbor from the upper floors of the building), Trump Tower (looking down at Central Park), and the Western towers looking down the Hudson River.

Amazing view of the East River from the Trump World Tower – New York.

Or the vision to the vast green area facing New York Central Park from a property of the 45th President of the United States.

2. Prestige
Trump is always looking for prestigious locations, and in the case of Trump World Tower, he likes the reputation of a building next to the United Nations headquarters. Trump knows that many governments will eagerly buy apartments for their senior diplomats in the neighborhood opposite the United Nations building. Trump Tower is located on Avenue No. 5. This address is as prestigious as the address of Trump Building at No. 40, Wall Street.

3. Development potential
Any property that Trump buys must have some development potential or must attract his interest. The most important questions to answer are, “Will this investment keep pace with changes in time? Will rental rates keep pace with inflation? Will the area be stable, will progress better, or worse?”Any serious real estate investor will also ask and answer such similar questions if they want to succeed.

4. Convenience
Another thing Trump looks for in a location is the convenience for the customers he expects whether they are owners of apartments or office tenants. Convenience includes distance to shopping areas, transportation, schools, places of religious worship and other amenities. If you intend to live and work in the property you plan to buy, you only need to ask whether the property meets your requirements or not; you can imagine yourself being happy in that environment.

Back in Hanoi real estate market, it is easy to see a typical example of the intellectual vision of the position similar to Trump is the Ciputra Hanoi project.

Located in a super-expensive location next to West Lake, this “big brother” high-end urban area not only “naturally” possesses a beautiful vision overlooking 500-hectare water surface of West Lake or historic Red River, Ciputra is also more “dominant” when spending 1/3 of the land fund of the 300ha master plan to create green and water space, including 25ha for the core park, bringing a “unique” vision for theLINK luxury apartments or Grand Gardenville and Central Park villas.

Amazing view overlooking the 25ha core park from theLINK Ciputra high-end apartment complex.

If Trump was determined to “win” the land to build Trump World Tower because of his firm belief in the prestige of a real estate opposite the United Nations headquarters, the fact would prove “visionariness” of this Indonesian real estate when Ciputra is now only within a radius of about 1km to the new administrative center of 8 departments officially approved for relocation decision. The “neighbor” of a new administrative center of the Capital contributes to increasing value of the urban area, which is originally the most prestigious name in the high-end real estate market.

In 11/2018, the “Retail giant” from Korea – Lotte has officially started construction of Lotte Mall Hanoi – The complex includes residential, commercial center, cinema, hotel, office and Vietnam’s largest and most luxurious aquarium in the Ciputra population, which is expected to come into operation in 2021 and has brought an absolute competitive advantage and a strong leverage for the development potential of Real estate surrounding such urban area.

Complex of Lotte Mall Hanoi – Residential, Commercial center, Cinema, Hotel, Office and Vietnam’s largest and most luxurious aquarium in the Ciputra population.

Not only that, Ciputra residents also enjoy the “convenient” life when it gathers the system of the most prestigious international schools such as: United Nations International School UNIS, Hanoi Academy International School, Singapore International School SIS, Sunshine House Kindergarten and KIK Kindergarten and strength of the “all-in-one” planning has created a modern style Ciputra with full functional infrastructure like reception, 24/7 security with privileged utility system such as swimming pool, gym, tennis court, green park, supermarket …

Another “convenience” cannot fail to mention that the infrastructure system has been continuously upgraded and newly built of this area. Arterial roads and bridges have been completed such as 10-lane Vo Chi Cong Street (Ring road 2), Nhat Tan Bridge and 12-lane Pham Van Dong Street (Ring road 3) which are expected to be completed in 2019 or routes will be formed in the near future such as: extended Nguyen Van Huyen connecting Ciputra to Diplomatic corps or Metro Line 3 connecting Ciputra to Hanoi Old Quarter Center with the aim of helping traffic from Ciputra to roads be more convenient than ever.

With all four “meeting points” in Trump’s and Ciputra’s philosophy of choosing and developing real estate, it is easy to find the answer to why the real estate brand of these two “tycoons”, despite going through decades, has always been the name “most expected” for high-end real estate.