• Brilliant And Poetic Ciputra Hanoi In March

    These days, walking on the inner streets of Ciputra Hanoi, we are all surprised at the poetic beauty of the four-seasons landscape at the same time, which is charming but impressive, gorgeous but gentle. Barringtonia in the leave-falling season The yellow and red of Barringtonia in the leaf-falling season is the highlight of Ciputra Hanoi […]
  • Positive Signs For Vietnam Real Estate After The Coronavirus Pandemic

    The reduction in the interest rate, the opportunities from the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement ratified in Feb 2020 and expected to entry into force by July 2020 and overseas Vietnamese flocking home to avoid coronavirus outbreak are encouraging signs for the Vietnam real estate market from the second half of this year. Reduction in bank […]
  • Ciputra Hanoi Joins Hands To Fight Against Corona Virus

    As a large – scale township with a large international community in Hanoi, Ciputra Hanoi’s Coronavirus prevention is a top priority in the time of this pandemic spreading and impacting the entire planet. Right after receiving the information about Coronavirus originated in Wuhan – China, Ciputra Hanoi Estate Management has strictly implemented the measures of […]
  • Bustling Tet Market At Ciputra Hanoi

    On 12 January 2020, Ciputra Hanoi held the Tet Market representing a traditional Tet concept of Vietnamese, which attracted a large number of residents and their relatives to come and shop. Going to Tet market is a long tradition of Vietnamese people and The Tet market always has an important meaning in the minds of […]
  • Ciputra Hanoi – Attractive Magnet To Foreign Home Buyers

    Ciputra Hanoi is known as “West Street” of Hanoi when it concentrates the great number of foreigners up to nearly 40% in the total of more than 7,000 residents from 89 countries worldwide. So, what makes Ciputra Hanoi special attraction to the foreign market segment? According to information from the developer, after the amended Housing […]
  • Ciputra Hanoi Lightened Up At Christmas

    Christmas is coming, bringing the atmosphere of a happy and warm new year. It is not surprising if stepping into Ciputra Hanoi, you are lost in a European streets with Christmas colors theme. Across the inner streets are sparkling with star-filled trees. All the main gates’ entrance are nicely decorated with Santa Claus, snow pines, […]
  • “Father” Of Ciputra Hanoi And The Development Journey Of A pioneer Green Urban Area

    One of the symbols of the Asian property industry, the “father” of Ciputra Hanoi and person laid the foundation for developing strategic relations for the two countries, Vietnam – Indonesia, DR. (HC) Ir.Ciputra has passed away (November 27, 2019). ) but the marks of his life with endless dedication will always be remembered. Portrait of […]
  • CIPUTRA – “An Indonesian Legend Of Property” Passeds Away At The Age Of 88

    Mr. (HC) Ir. Ciputra – Founder and Chairman of Ciputra Group has passed away at Gleneagles Hospital, Singapore on 27 November 27 2019 at 1:05 AM (Singapore time). Mr. (HC) Ir. Ciputra – Founder and Chairman of Ciputra Group “We have truly lost a beloved father, grandfather, and outstanding leader who is always the ideal […]

    Ciputra Hanoi International City is deeply grieved to announce the passing of our Ciputra Group founder, Dr. (HC) Ir. Ciputra. Mr. Ciputra passed away peacefully at Gleneagles Hospital, Singapore on 27th November 2019 at 1.05am Singapore time. He was 88 years old. He will be laid in state on Friday 29 November 2019 at Ciputra […]