Ciputra Hanoi – Attractive Magnet To Foreign Home Buyers


Ciputra Hanoi – Attractive Magnet To Foreign Home Buyers

Ciputra Hanoi is known as “West Street” of Hanoi when it concentrates the great number of foreigners up to nearly 40% in the total of more than 7,000 residents from 89 countries worldwide. So, what makes Ciputra Hanoi special attraction to the foreign market segment?

According to information from the developer, after the amended Housing Law that allows foreigners to buy houses in Vietnam officially came into effect on July 1, 2015, the number of foreign home buyers learning about the property at Ciputra Hanoi Property Exchange has increased significantly. Especially, after a long time living at Ciputra, many foreign residents have become owners of apartments, not tenants.

According to the foreign community at Ciputra Hanoi and home buyers researching on the project, location, planning, living environment, utilities, investor reputation and simple purchase and sale procedures are strengths that make them trust and select the project.

Ideal location next to West Lake

Ciputra Hanoi is currently the only international standard urban located next to West Lake, adjacent to the Red River in Tay Ho District, an area with more than 1,000 hectares of green trees and water surface and many cultural relics with highly spiritual values. According to the concept of feng shui, it is considered the spiritual land of prosperity for the development of life and people.

With the advantage of being close to the arterial roads of Pham Van Dong (12 lanes) and Vo Chi Cong (10 lanes), from the project, Ciputra Hanoi residents only take 3 minutes to West Lake, 15 minutes to go to the center of the Old Quarter and 17 minutes to Noi Bai International Airport. In addition, Ciputra is also close to Lotte complex whose investment is up to USD 600 million including commercial center, cinema, hotel, office and aquarium. Such complex is ongoing and expected to be completed in 2021, which promises to create a strong “push” for the regional property market.

Premium utilities and services 

Ciputra Hanoi is also a pioneer green urban developed under the “all in one” model, which now has become a development model of other developers.

“Ciputra Hanoi makes me feel like I am living in a European neighborhood where everything is very close to my previous rhythm of life. Except for travelling to work, all utilities and services are available in the township”- Mr. Andrew (a Ciputra resident – a British) said.

Ciputra Club – A complex of sport and recreational utilities at Ciputra Hanoi

At Ciputra Hanoi, all utilities that ensure a comfortable life such as sports and entertainment center, clubhouse, restaurant, bank, supermarket, etc are just a few steps away. The best international education system including United Nations International School (UNIS), Hanoi Academy School, Singapore International School and Sunshine House International Kindergarten and KIK is an attractive selection for foreign experts, counsellors and entrepreneurs when living with their family with the aim of ensuring their children international-standard learning and practicing environment.

If synchronous utilities bring a comfortable life for residents, the management board of residents with the reception, security, technical, and landscape care department, etc. are always dedicated. All ensure that each smallest requirements of residents are listened to and resolved; thereby, providing a most convenient life, especially for foreigners who are still unfamiliar with life in Vietnam at first.

Green space close to nature  

Located on the windy West Lake, possessing a large eco-space with 77ha of green trees and water surface, 7km eco-path and secluded noisy traffic network, Ciputra Hanoi is like a green oasis separating the noisy and dusty traffic network, bringing a sense of freshness and tranquillity to every resident. Do not go far, many residents of Ciputra Hanoi can find a full resort space right where they live.

7km eco-path at Ciputra Hanoi

“I chose Ciputra because this is a rare urban area in the inner city which meets the green space and careful investment in the landscape. There are also a few other options for green urban areas but they do not meet the location requirements. In two weeks, my friends from Korea will come to learn about property projects in Hanoi. I believe they will be impressed by Ciputra Hanoi’s TheLINK apartments,” said Mr Kim Jin Kee, a Korean – the owner of the 12th floor apartment of TheLINK5.

Reputation of the developer 

Invested and developed by Ciputra Group from Indonesia – the world’s leading property development group successfully creating more than 100 projects ranging from hundreds to 6000ha, Ciputra Hanoi inherits, converges the elite and selects the world’s most advanced construction and planning knowledge as well as practical experience. Therefore, Ciputra Hanoi is always selected by home buyers from all nations. To date, Ciputra Hanoi is the new urban township with the largest number of foreign residents in Hanoi with 89 different nationalities.

Simple Legal Procedure   

Clear and transparent legal procedures and simplified purchase and sales procedures are also one of the attractions for foreign clients to Ciputra Hanoi’s products.

“Understanding that foreigners are always concerned with the administrative procedures of Vietnam, we always support them in all stages of documents, registration, etc. after thoroughly explaining to them all the steps. We believe that along with the reputation of the developer, transparent legal procedures and simplified procedures will help customers feel secure when choosing Ciputra Hanoi”, the Ciputra’s representative said.

According to the latest information from the Ciputra Hanoi, TheLINK345 project currently has a limited number of units for foreigners. For further information, please contact Hotline 1800.1088 or Website: