If Hanoi has twelve seasons of blooming flowers in four seasons, we can see such a vivid picture at Ciputra Hanoi, especially in the space of spring with full of sap.

Tree leaves Canopies turn yellow and fall down, forming romantic yellow leaf carpet

Considered as the “pioneering green township” with the largest density of greenery in Hanoi, the nature in March in Ciputra is like a symphony of love songs with musical notes that stir people’s hearts. At Ciputra, we will be satisfied with the unique season to season, and regions to region such as Northwestern Mountains with Bauhinia variegata or gentle and romantic Europe with the yellow and red carpet of Barringtonia acutangula and Dalbergia tonkinensis Prain in the season of changing leaves. That is the beauty and unique of the scenery here, distinctive to confuse with any other urban area in Hanoi.

Roads full of red leaves as lost in Europe

A pristine corner of a row of Dalbergia tonkinensis Prains when their flowers begin to bloom.

Walking along the streets, we will see many residents eagerly and happily posing for photos. Some jog and breathe the scent of nature alone, some go in groups of two to three but everyone is cheerful and radiant with pride in Ciputra – home with harmonious nature, which owns rare impressive spring scenery in the inner city.

Residents were eager to take pictures with Bauhinia variegata 

 “I feel very fortunate as a resident of Ciputra Hanoi. I can enjoy the full green space all year round, especially during the social distancing, I did not feel uncomfortable or bored when being confined between four walls like most people. On the contrary, I found myself slowing down. Every day, I was always walking and communicating with nature on the quiet and relaxed inner streets. I suddenly felt how much I cherished life at Ciputra”. Uncle Tan, a longtime resident in Ciputra said.

The number of Bauhinia variegata in Ciputra accounts for the majority 

Ms. Hai Anh, a new resident of TheLink345 apartment complex, shared: “My child used to love electronic devices. However, since I move here he has the opportunity to experience a life closer to nature and plants more; thus his physique is significantly improved, his mentality is much more open and he likes outdoor activities more”.

Bauhinia variegata leaden with flowers on the front porch

According to the representative of Ciputra Investor, since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, most residents spend most of their time at home or in the living area. In parallel with the strict implementation of cleaning procedures in public areas to ensure safety for residents, Ciputra Hanoi is always dedicated to caring for and decorating the landscape more vividly with a variety of plants and flowers to keep the rhythm of life here always peaceful and beautiful.

Ciputra Hanoi is the first international urban area in the capital with over 40% of residents being foreigners, which creates the largest multinational resident community in Hanoi. In addition to building high-end villas and apartments, Ciputra always focuses on creating a sustainable green lifestyle, close to nature for all residents.

Currently, Ciputra Hanoi still reserves a small number of apartments available for foreign customers who want to own TheLINK345 apartments and gives special preferential price for customers who contact the hotline directly: 18001088.