“Secrets” to make the reputation of Northwest urban area in Hanoi


“Secrets” to make the reputation of Northwest urban area in Hanoi

As the first international urban area in the North, experiencing nearly 20 years of development, Ciputra Hanoi is as a bottle of valuable wine which is “longer it is kept, more fragrant it gets” with increasing prestige over the years. To maintain and develop its brand name, Ciputra Hanoi always  perseveres with its own secrets.

Tip 1: Planning is the foundation

Urban planning plays a very important role in the living quality of people. Only a small detail unreasonably arranged will affect the lives of thousands and millions of people. In the past, history has seen terrible outbreaks due to unreasonably planned drainage system. Today, we are directly affected by issues such as air pollution, traffic jams, etc. due to non-synchronized planning, lack of utility and green space, etc.

Be the first real estate developer in the Asian and Southeast Asian markets, fully aware of the importance of urban planning, it is no coincidence that Ciputra brings to Vietnam an “all in one” urban area project, the first gated community in Vietnam that has now become the development model of other developer.

According to experts, besides the value of reducing traffic jams, the projects with closed facilities like Ciputra will contribute to reduce the burden on the center of Hanoi which is becoming crowded and noisy along with the implications for traffic congestion and environmental pollution. In particular, parents will not be too worried about taking their children to school, going out or taking part in other activities because they are all available in their own house.

Tree-lined streets surround the luxury villas.

Tip 2: Operation in accordance with the international standard

Always mindful of providing the best services and living quality for the residents of the urban area, Ciputra has its own Public Asset Management Board (managed by a foreign entity) to fulfill this goal.

Mrs. Dinh Thi Thu Ha – Estate Management Manager  said: “If urban planning is “hardware”, operational management is the “software” of the urban area. Therefore, besides “hard” factors such as techniques, we always pay more attention to “soft” factors such as human and staffs.”

According to Ms. Ha, at Ciputra, the top criteria set with the Public Asset Management team is conscientiousness, professionalism and standards. “Unlike many other operators in the market, however, we always have clear measurements and specifications for each position, such as staffs in charge of engineering, landscape, reception or security to ensure to provide the best experience and services for our residents and customers”.

“Moreover, with the focus fully on an only one urban area and “not running after hot growth” as other developers, the Ciputra is completely confident with the international service quality in the entire urban area which is always ensured from the trained stable staffs for sustainable development with the spirit always ready to do tasks and meet the needs of residents at all times” said Mrs. Ha.

Professional operation for a standard living

Tip 3: Customer-eccentricity

“Customer is the center” or “customer is the god” is the usual slogan of any business. However, in order to persevere and truly do as its own guideline, not all investors can do well.

The fact shows that in the real estate market in Hanoi in particular and in Vietnam in general, there are many developers always comply with their guideline in the first time when their brand is not known. However, when their brand has a certain place in the market, the termof “profit” will be paid more attention; of which the construction density of the following projects is higher than the previous projects, its services and amenities are also considerably limited and they don’t pay attention to the customers’ needs any more.

The Link345 apartment complex consisting of 3 buildings officially launched in 2018

With Ciputra Hanoi, every new product launched in the market is always carefully researched and updated with the most modern trends in the world plus deep understanding of living conditions and climate of Vietnam. In particular, recently, through the design of Grand Gardenville villas and The Link 345 apartment building, it can be seen that although the trend is changed, the design principle of elegance but minimalist, modern but elegance, emphasizing the proximity to nature and ensuring the common – private principle – in the activities of the Vietnamese is still committed by the Developer. This is the most obvious demonstration of constantly upgrading products to bring the best and most suitable products for customers who are looking forward to a more civilized and higher life.