Phase 1 Landed House (C-D-G Block)

From the main entrance, along with asphalted road and two rows of trees next to the road, stop in front of a pretty bright yellow house with the large glass windows and pristine white curtains surrounded by the smooth grass, that is Ciputra’s first villas with C-D-G blocks.

Scale: 390 units

Typical area: Detached and Semi-detached houses and single villas with an area arrange of 126m2 – 180m2- 230m2- 300m2- 324m2.

Location: In the second phase of Ciputra Hanoi



When being a resident of Central Park, you can completely enjoy a comfortable life in luxury sport complex of Ciputra Club as well as professional service of management team including 24/7 Reception and Security, Technical Support and Landscape Care Service.

Ciputra Hanoi is also the only international urban area in Hanoi that is a home of the world’s leading international schools such as United Nations International School (UNIS), Hanoi Academy, Singapore International School (SIS), etc … and the system of banks, convenience stores, restaurants, post office, and spas.


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