Post Office and Bank

Post Office and Bank

Indovina Bank

At present, Indovina bank has 2 transaction offices at G02 Tower and P02 Tower.


  • Receive foreign currency deposit and Vietnamese currency deposit
  • Home loan in Ciputra Hanoi International City
  • Domestic and international money transfer
  • Foreign currency Exchange
  • Travel Payment, Visa, Master … mandate collection
  • Other services permitted by the State Bank of Vietnam

For more information, please contact:

Indovina Bank
Address: P2 and G2 Building, Ciputra Hanoi.
Phone: 024 2220 4628/ 024 3758 3411



Officially serving Ciputra residents since March 15th 2010, at the 1st floor of E4 Building, Techcombank always makes their best effort to serve clients better and proves their leading, active and professional bank to them. Techcombank Ciputra Hanoi always brings impressive and enrich programs to clients:

  • The forms of deposit services with competitive and various interest as well as great promotion programs. Especially, providing supporting service of home savings service for clients who live in Ciputra Hanoi International City.
  • Active account package includes: 1 card F@stAcess, 1 card Visa Debit, 1 token key for free Internet banking.
  • Free-Homebanking service: any transactions arising in personal account will be announced by a text message to the account holder’s mobile phone or email.
  • Fascinating credit programs when using Techcombank Ciputra Hanoi’s New House product.
  • Active credit program when using Techcombank Ciputra Hanoi’s New Car product.

For further information, please contact:

Vietnam Technological and Commercial Joint Stock Bank
Address: E4 Building, Ciputra Hanoi
Phone: (024) 3743 0176

VP Bank

On March, 31st 2008, VP Bank officially opened VP Bank Ciputra Hanoi International City at Lot 4 in Housing CT17, in Ciputra Hanoi International City in Xuan Dinh, Tu Liem, Hanoi with the participation of relevant agencies and stakeholders, local authorities, Ciputra Hanoi’s representative and inhabitants there.
VP Bank Ciputra Hanoi provides the following core services:

Working capital in many forms:

  • Payment deposit and savings deposit in VND and USD
  • Saving over actual time of depositing
  • Other forms of working capital


  • Opening account
  • Payment between international and national units
  • Money remittances (Western Union)
  • Foreign currency exchange
  • Express transfer
  • Other banking services


  • Satisfying capital demand for enterprises’ and business households’ production and business.
  • Lending for private consumption needs in many different forms: Auto loan, student loan, loan for purchase, construction or upgrading house, mortgage loans with savings cards, valuable notes and mortgage stocks…

For more information, please contact:

Vietnam Prosperity Joint Stock Commercial Bank
Address: Lot 4, Housing (CT-17 Shophouse)
Phone: (024) 3758 8747

VNPT Post Office


Postal services

  • Express delivery service (EMS, VE, DHL)
  • Parcel – Package delivery
  • Cash on Delivery (COD)
  • Price declaration service
  • Postal commission
  • Parcel without address
  • Money order, express money order
  • Apply and change passport
  • Flower Express
  • Postal life insurance
  • Postal Savings

Telecommunication service

  • Telephone, telegraph
  • Facsimile
  • Telecommunications fees
  • Development of subscribers (telephone installation, Fax, Mega VNN, City Phone, Vinaphone…)
  • Advance payment cards

Newspaper Service

  • Undertaking to subscribers to a newspaper
  • Selling retail newspaper

For more information, please contact:

Address: C1, Phase I, Ciputra Hanoi
Phone: (024) 3758 9058