2 Fresh Looks Of A High-end Ciputra


2 Fresh Looks Of A High-end Ciputra

Quality value of high-end life, which is throughout and unified throughout the project, from the houses handed over for 13 years to the selling houses is a demonstration of the attractiveness of the best “livable” international urban area in Vietnam.

Ciputra-brand villa projects are very paid attention by wealthy families in Hanoi not only because of its super-prime location next to the West Lake, but also because of the maximum development of the eco-environment by the investor which was prioritized and put the top right from the stage of urban planning. The common denominator for all Ciputra projects from high-rise to low-rise ones is the modern design and optimized internal, synchronous and closed utility. Moreover, Board of Management always strives to maintain sustainable value for the property of the residents from the design, construction and operation management to secure the property value gaining from rent or transfer of property and etc.

Efforts to build new high projects

The Grand Gardenville is the newest low-rise project located in the heart of Ciputra urban area, which possesses wide views of the park, golf course and inner lake. The project is in the large green space planning with area up to 508,000 m2 and more than 261,000 m2 for the canal and lake system. Possessing such ecological data as dream, The Grand Gardenville currently holds the throne of ecology area in the largest modern urban areas in Vietnam. “Garden City” The Grand Gardenville, as the name encompasses the lush green gardens of up to 6,000 square meters only for the residents of 161 villas. The houses are designed with 2 styles of modern and traditional design, elegant neoclassical design language and 4 different areas ranging from 140m2 to 400m2 with the aim of meeting the use demand and family size. With many outstanding advantages as well as the attractive assurance from the high-end Ciputra brand, many villas have quickly acquired the owners and the number of remaining products is very limited. Currently, the products of The Grand Gardenville project are completing the items on schedule and next to this new project campus, it is expected to be the international-standard Kindergarten.

Grand Gardenville Villas are located in the rich greenery.

In parallel with the construction of a high-end low-rise residential area, Ciputra Hanoi has just completed the construction and hand-over preparation of high-rise apartment complex with valuable visibility overlooking the green grass of the internal golf course, The Link. Along with The Grand Gardenville, The Link has formed the center-point of Ciputra urban area in 2018.

The Link345 apartment complex is ready to be handed over

The Link project consists of 3 21-floor towers, whose typical floor area consisting of 10 apartments with 5 typical areas such as: 57.8 m2 (2 bedrooms); 72.4 m2 (2 bedrooms); 114.0 m2 (3 bedrooms); 115.3 m2 (3 bedrooms); and 153.0 m2 (3 bedrooms) which will bring more opportunities for customers looking to become a new resident of the world-class urban area. Design style of The Link 345 is aimed at the elegance, luxury and maximizing the presence of nature to each living space of the on high home. The building also excellently owns the green certificate The Edge issued by the International Finance Corporation – IFC. The general lobby of the building is luxuriously and conveniently designed like the five-star hotel lobby.

The reception lobby of The Link3 building with its luxurious and spacious design

In term of living utilities and sharing the Ciputra ecosystem, the new residents will enjoy a full range of luxurious, standard and international quality utilities for all needs of residents of all ages. Since Q3/2018, The Link 3 and The Link 4 have been ready to hand over the first residents.

Prioritizing life quality and living environment, a timeless commitment and enduring efforts in the past two decades have been an answer to “Ciputra’s appeal”. So far, when mentioning trademark, Ciputra has surpassed a simple default for the residence of wealthy residents. Along with time depth, it is the beauty of the identity, the world-class urban area by the West Lake is really the best livable place and becomes the residence of the happy residents.