Ciputra photos contest 2018 – Properous Estate In Harmony With Nature


Ciputra photos contest 2018 – Properous Estate In Harmony With Nature

Nearly 20 years of establishment and development, Ciputra Hanoi was known as a real estate pioneer in constructing the standard urban – the first largest urban in Hanoi, was invested and built by Ciputra Group (Indonesia) and Urban Infrastructure Development Investment Corporation (Vietnam). Ciputra Hanoi was named the “eldest brother” of the segment of luxury real estate, “go ahead and welcome” in creating a class living environment with ecological space filled with green.

Beautiful sunset at Ciputra Hanoi

Nearly 40% is International Residents

Greenery Eco-path of Ciputra Hanoi

To discover and respect the hidden beauty of the urban areas through excellent photography works and create more community activities for residents of Ciputra, the Estate Managerment Department organized the Ciputra photo contest 2018.


The Ciputra photo contest 2018 gets topic “Ciputra- Prosperous Estate in harmony with Nature” in order to reflect the multiple photos, make beautiful views, urban living at Ciputra stand out.
The photography works was taken outside The Ciputra Hanoi International City are not covered by this contest.

Beginning from 15/9/2018 and ending in 24h of 15/10/2018.

1. Participants
All residents are Vietnameses, foreigners living in Ciputra Hanoi International City, Ciputra staffs and guests; are professional photographers or amateur photographers who submitentries with above topic and content. Members of the Organizer and the Contest Panel are allowed to take part in this contest but they will not be voted for their photography works.
Citizens under 16 years old must have the written consent from their parents or guardians.

2. Method attendance
2.1. Rules of photography works
– Image storage: minimum 2MB, maximum 30 MB.
– Image format (.jpeg or .jpg); Image size: minimum width of 600 pixels (for horizontal image), minimum length of 600 pixels (for vertical image).
– Entries are photos taken by mobile phone, digital camera or professional camera. Including name of author, name of entry and note (if any).
– Photos can be edited as cut, edit light, color, contrast … that does not change the basic content.
– Photos are taken in Ciputra Hanoi International City, photos must be guaranteed that they have never been participated in any contests or posted on any other media.
* No accept:
– Photos contain sensitive content, affect on fine custom, Vietnam culture; violate the law or any content that the Organizer supposes that they affecton the image of the contest.
– Photos have been watermarked.
2.2. Submit photography works
– Participants send their photos by email:, with registration information including:
+ Full name
+ Date of birth
+ Address
+ Personal facebook address
+ Contact phone number
– Email title: [CIPUTRA PHOTO CONTEST 2018] [Full name] [name of photo]
– The Organizer will censor and post the contest entries to Fanpage “Ciputra Hanoi International City” (according to the criteria: – Conditionsof participation -Rules of photography works), Participants in the contest photo contest at photo album “CIPUTRA PHOTO CONTEST 2018” on the fanpage.
– The Organizer will inform to participants about the photo link on fanpage by email.
2.3. How to vote
Participants share the photo link of their entries on their personal Facebook page to invite friends to “like”, “share”.

3. Accessing photo
3.1. Photo selection criteria:
– Photos match with the above content and are attached the valid information to The Organizer.
– Photographic quality (color, light, composition, focus …).
3.2. Grading photo
– Photos will be scored by the total number of like (50%) and points of the Organizer (50%).
– The Organizer has right to reject the entries that show signs of cheating by tips.
– Decision of the Organizer is the last one.

1. Prize structure
01 Special prize: Total prize value: 24.000.000 VND, Certificate, 01 Membership card (used for swimming pool and gym) for the largest family pack in one year at Ciputra Family Club (valued at 20,010,000 VND) and 01 portable speakers (valued at 3.290.000 VND), 02 voucher of Ahyat Abalone restaurant.

Top 05 beautiful photos: Total prize value: 14.570.000 VND, Certificate, 01 Membership card (used for swimming pool and gym) for the largest family pack in 06 months at Ciputra Family Club (valued at 11.730.000 VND) and 01 portable speakers (valued at 2.290.000 VND), 02 voucher of Ahyat Abalone restaurant.

15 consolation prizes: Total prize value: 4.900.000 VND, Certificate, 01 Membership card (used for swimming pool and gym) for the largest family pack in 01 month at Ciputra Family Club (valued at 3.385.000 VND) and 01 portable speakers (valued at 950.000 VND)), 02 voucher of Ahyat Abalone restaurant.

30 Prospects prize: Total prize value: 560.000 VND, Certificate, 02 voucher of Ahyat Abalone restaurant.

2. Announcing and awarding prizes
– The final prize will be announced on 27/10/2018 by email and on the media channels of Ciputra Hanoi International City.
– The prize will be given to the winning author at the photo award ceremony on 27/10/2018. The organizer will contact the winning author to announce the prize and award rules before 23/10/2018.

– The Organizer has the right to publish and use the photos submitted for the purpose of advertising contest, frame of Ciputra Hanoi, international exhibition without any additional fees.
– In cases of detecting photo shows signs of fraudor a copyright complaint, the Organizer has the right to check and cancel the contest results.
-The Organizer is not responsibility for damage, deformation, change the quality of photos sent to this contest by transmission lines or Internet problems.
– The Organizer is not responsibility in cases of this contest is cancel by force majeure reasons.

– Participants are committed to and responsible for the copyright of their photography works.
-Participants will be held responsible for the authenticity of the registration information, in case of failure to contact the participants provide wrong information, the Organizer will not be responsible.
– The Organizer has the right to use and edit the photography works after the program ends without the author’s permit.
– Each participant will be sent multiple entries but must have the same registration information.
– The good quality entries will be posted on Ciputra Hanoi International City fanpage for viewers vote.

All questions about the contest please contact the following information:
The Estate Managements Department – Ciputra Hanoi: Family Club House Ciputra Hanoi International City, Xuan La Ward, Tay Ho District, Hanoi.
Hotline: 088 89 444 88 | Email: