Efforts To Create Green Lifestyle At Ciputra Hanoi


Efforts To Create Green Lifestyle At Ciputra Hanoi

When the Vietnam real estate market is “so hot” with the most searched keywords such as “green” urban area and “ecological” urban area buy house buyers and investors, Ciputra residents seem to be out of this trend because from more than a decade to now, they are the lucky ones leading that trend thanks to owning 77 hectares of green space. Until now, “Ciputra green-house” is getting greener and fresher – a green color of trees and plant that is full of vigor. Anyone who first set foot is surprised and asked, “Why is Ciputra landscape so impressive and sustainable?

1. Blooming greenery

Just stepping through the large gate of Ciputra, a peaceful world isolated from the noise of busy streets will appear, which surprises anyone coming “this is true green area!”. Unlike other newly developed urban areas with forced built greenery because of spending too much area for construction, and being urgently “arranged” and brought trees from other places into the area to make so-called false landscape, which is so easy to fall just after a slight thunderstorm, the green color at Ciputra makes us feel like returning to the nature, with the colors of flowers and leaves dyed the taste of wind and sun and grown from the ground in this place. Therefore, the plants and trees are rooted deeply and stand firmly in the harshest storms.

There is an authentic green area at Ciputra Hanoi

Ciputra currently has over 100 different kinds of plants and flowers originating in and outside the country, which are carefully selected over time with the aim of meeting both wide spreads helping cover the sun and rain, and ensuring that there are always blooming flowers alternating four seasons and planted in rows like endless silk flower strips.

The rows of Bauhinia variegata dyeing purple sky like bringing the entire Northwest region back, the rows of barringtonia in the season of falling leaves like stepping to the West, or the single and multi-colored flower carpets elaborately trimmed with the opposite colors of Daisy, Phao, Ngoc Thao, Geranium, Lisianthus and Iris domestica racing to show the most radiant vitality remind us of the Turkish masterpiece carpets.

A corner of Syzygium oleinum carpet followed the entrance to Ciputra Club Sports and Entertainment Complex

There also mentions the beauty of rows of Frangipane with yellow racemes along the romantic and soft road connecting the Central Park villa zone (Block Q) and the Grand Gardenville villa zone (Block K) like the golden silk strip, or Syzygium oleinum carpet followed the way to Ciputra Club, the very blue fence all year round and there can’t forget to mention 25ha core park with endless green areas like Central Park in New York, America, which can all become extremely beautiful “check-in” points or a unique and impressive photographic space.

2. Silent efforts make perfection

The whole urban area has a total of 150 workers who take care of the green landscape from some landscape units but the main partner is Thao Vien UDIC Joint Stock Company – UDIC that plays the role of the main contractor. The main unit is divided into many shifts taking responsibility for each area and “specializing” in caring for each type of tree, ensuring the best growth of species at Ciputra Hanoi “Pioneering green urban area”.

“Every day, I am here before 7 a.m to work with the group to take care of, prune trees and fertilize microorganisms. So far, it is more than 15 years I have worked here and witnessed the growth of each tree, flower and changes every day here. ”- shared by Ms. Bui Thi An (staffs of Thao Vien Udic Joint Stock Company – UDIC) who has been worked with Ciputra since the first days. And the small but meaningful joy of the workers who work silently day and night and cultivate green is also “every time I see anyone passing by and taking a picture with the carpet of flowers and trees I take care of, I feel so happy. Even some residents ask about how to care for trees well” and she has enthusiastically instructed with all knowledge and enthusiasm for the job.

Ms. An and her group still quietly take care of every cluster of flower and blade of grass every day

The other side is the team of Mr. Nguyen Van Thang (Thao Vien Udic Joint Stock Company – UDIC) who is working hard to prune trees. His team consists of 4 people who are in charge of taking care of the whole tree rows. Also, they always go to patrol every day to check dry and brown branches needing to be trimmed. “For some trees, we can climb up to prune but for tall trees like this Roystonea regia, we have to use specialized cutting machines to cut. We must also arrange the most reasonable time to do the work so as not to affect the residents’ daily life”- Mr. Thang shared about his work.

For a Ciputra proudly rising early morning

The work of people like Ms. An and Mr. Thang – workers not known at Ciputra still passes by quietly like this. They diligently work and cultivate each cluster of flower and blade of grass for a Ciputra proudly rising early morning. Just like the style of the oldest urban area of the capital that always says less do more and is not “bombastic” but all activities and moves are always in the most proper and professional way and always follow the guideline set out “creation of sustainable and standard green living spaces”. All of which has created the most livable urban area in Hanoi.

Ciputra Hanoi is the first international-standard pioneering green urban area in Hanoi with scale of 300HA, with an ideal location close to the West Lake. Good news for those who want to join a high-end resident community at Ciputra Hanoi is: From now until 31 May, 2019, with the policy of “STAY NOW – PAY LATER” applied to customers who buy TheLINK high-end apartments; accordingly, buyers only need to pay 50% of the apartment value can get the house immediately, the remaining of 45% will be GRADUALLY PAID WITHOUT INTEREST RATE for 24 months. This is a golden opportunity to own a handful of Ciputra-branded luxury apartments. In addition, the Investor is opening a right-to-buy subscription for the few remaining villas in the Grand Gardenville. For more information, please contact us: 1800 1088 or visit website: www.ciputrahanoi.com.vn.