Exciting summer with Ciputra Hanoi 2018 Swimming Contest


Exciting summer with Ciputra Hanoi 2018 Swimming Contest

In recent years, Ciputra Hanoi Swimming Contest is one of the annual community activities of Ciputra Hanoi International City. This 2018 season promises to be an extremely exciting season.

Organization Committee is pleased to announce the details of the CIPUTRA HANOI 2018 SWIMMING CONTEST as follows:

Date: 16-06-2018 (Saturday)

Location:  G02-G03 swimming pool

Tournament content: 50 free meters by age

Participants: Ciputra Residents & Employees of Citra Westlake City Development Co., Ltd

Deadline for registration: The end of 27-05-2018

For more information, please contact with organization committee:

Email: estate_clubhouse@ciputrahanoi.com

Tel: 0243.7582.586

Ciputra Hanoi owns a range of luxury sports facilities with resort-style, which serve for residents and relatives living in the urban area including: Swimming Pool, Gymnasium, Tennis Court at 05 Points of the whole urban area such as apartment area G02-G03; Apartment E4-E5; Apartment E1; Apartment P1-P2; Apartment TheLinkL1-L2. In addition, the team of dedicated and professional trainers & technicians working in shifts are always ready to serve you to rest, work and relax after a stressful working day or weekend with family and relatives.