Ciputra Book Fair 2018


Ciputra Book Fair 2018

Attracting approximately 1,500 residents, the CIPUTRA BOOK FAIR 2018 has closed, but the eagerness still appears the faces of young people. They have had fun and meaningful moments with their friends and relatives over the weekend and are immersed in the colorful fairy tale and interesting discoveries.

As society is more and more developing with modern audiovisual equipment, reading culture is gradually forgotten. By organizing the annual Book Festival, Ciputra Hanoi wishes to contribute to preserving the beauty of the reading culture, so that tomorrow the grown-up children can smile at each childhood experience with unforgettable memories.

Ciputra Hanoi would like to thank the residents for donating nearly 300 books to the Ciputra Book Library. The library is in the process of building and finishing, and it will be informed to the residents as soon as possible.

See you next season booklet!