The Spring Is Overflowing At CIPUTRA HANOI


The Spring Is Overflowing At CIPUTRA HANOI

In these days, walking on the streets of Ciputra Hanoi, anyone must linger to admire the beauty of nature in the spring and feel the peaceful and romantic moments in the place which is originally famous as the most luxury township in Hanoi.

A corner of “Western sky” in Ciputra in the season of Barringtonia falling leaves

You can admire Barringtonia in the season of falling leaves and are seemingly lost in the scenery of the typical yellow and red leaf forest of Korea and Japan right in the heart of the Capital. Unlike other plants, Barringtonia chooses the season of falling leaves in the spring with the nuances of leaves varying according to soil and sunshine. This “romantic” and poetic moment is only available once a year, but it is enough to hold the hustle and bustle of steps to stop and feel this peaceful, poetic and wonderful moment. Time to change the color of the leaves is very fast, only a few days, the leaves on the tree will leave the branches, leaving the scrubby branches which wait for the spring bud. A sweet and warm emotion creeps up when you see the little sprouts of the spring bud and look dazedly life as a signal of a new vitality, affluence, luck and peace as the meaning of this plant.

Going through some street corners of Ciputra, it is not difficult to see the red sky

If the yellow and bright red colors of the Barringtonia ranges bring the feeling of straying to the Western sky, the white or violet Bauhinia variegata in the Ciputra green streets, surrounding TheLINK Apartments or the villas of Central Park and Grand Gardenville is like carrying a Northwest forest to the heart of the Capital. The delicate and pristine petals bring in its glamorous beauty with the ecstatic and passionate scent of people. Bauhinia variegata expresses sincerity, nobility and faithful love and perhaps because of that, Bauhinia variegata becomes the king of the forests. What is more interesting when walking on the streets of violet Bauhinia variegata every day and enjoying the pristine forest scent right next to your house’s terrace?

Violet Bauhinia variegata in the Q block

Residents relax and walk under the violet Bauhinia variegata ranges

Ciputra Hanoi is the first international-standard green urban area in Hanoi, ideally located near West Lake. According to the latest information from the Investor, The Link 345 apartment complex handed over the Link3 and Link4 buildings, the Link5 building is expected to hand over in the fourth quarter of 2019. With the policy of “Get home immediately and Live together in the spring”, from January 28th to February 28th, 2019, customers only need to pay 50% of the apartment value and they can receive the apartment immediately, the remaining 45% will be deferred in 24 months, which is a new spring gift the Investor to its valued customers. This is a golden opportunity to own a handful of Ciputra-branded luxury apartments.