“Suddenly visiting” the most high-end urban area of Hanoi


“Suddenly visiting” the most high-end urban area of Hanoi

Located on the edge of the wind-swept West Lake, owning a large ecological space and separating the noisy and dusty traffic network, Ciputra Urban Area brings fresh and peaceful feeling. No need of going far away, many residents of the Ciputra Urban Area still find a perfect summer vacation at their living place.

Summer for every urban resident is a busy time with plans, vacations, outdoor activities and trips to nature. For Ciputra residents, every day seems to be a day of “relaxation” at their habitation without having to go far. Let’s explore the quality summer of Ciputra residents, where “travelers” are willing to give 5 stars for a “home-stay” vacation every day.

The best feeling of Ciputra summer is the happiness of young residents. In their urban area, the young ones are “busy” for sports activities, fun summer classes and exciting and interesting clubs for the long holiday of the year. In the summer in the urban area, young residents are excited to “schedule” for a day of fun and useful life such as: swimming, playing basketball, cycling and participating in drawing classes and swimming and chess-playing lessons and etc. Suddenly visiting the urban area at any time of the day, you will also see the image of young residents cycling on the peaceful green streets or joking along the streets of brilliant flowers. The “sprouts” of the family are also free for experiencing and discovering in the safe, diverse and exciting “natural school”.

Chess class in Funny summer 2018 is an activity that attracts a lot of young residents of Ciputra.

Meanwhile, the oldest residents of the urban area find their relaxation in Ciputra’s green, spacious and tranquil environment of Ciputra. Mr. Vuong (a Ciputra resident) said that the summer was a time of reluctance to leave the urban area because the temperature here was lower than the city’s general temperature due to its location near the West Lake and the Red River. For elderly people like uncle, rhythm of peaceful and slow life in the heart of the green city is a meaningful gift for his age. “Ciputra is my pride, a space is very worth sharing.” Therefore, Mr. Vuong’s family is always the favorite destination of friends of different age living in the city to gather together and have heart-to-heart talks between green campus of Ciputra summer.

Rich greenery is a health gift that the old owners of CiputraUrban Area always understand thoroughly and pride.

Representatives of the middle-class people, when the work has taken up most of his life, the daily rhythm of Ciputra is “tranquility and comfort”, which is felt by Mr. T.Phong, a busy businessman. The tranquility presents right behind the gate of urban area. No crowded and dusty, “home town” picks him up by a pleasant air of trees, of cool summer, of beautiful flowers and chattering birds. Not only that, Ciputra is also a miniature world with the most advanced and high-end utilities.

Comfortable time of cycling on the Eco-Path in the inner for breathing fresh air and away from the hustle and bustle, is the way that the busy businessman chooses to start a new day. This is also a time for him to relax and find a positive energy for a hard-working day.

At Ciputra, all the needs of the residents are met with the best options and suitable for the most up-to-date tastes. For busy people like Mr. Phong, Ciputra is like a high-class resort in the heart of the capital without having to take long distance to have a summer vacation at somewhere far away.

Life satisfaction in the most high-end international urban area is also pervaded in the foreign community which accounts for more than 30% of the population. Ms. Kath (Education Specialist, American citizen) who lives with her family shared “Ciputra is her second home, but she feels like her native place because she feels attached and beloved by the international standard life: airy, fresh, clean, safe, convenient and civilized. Especially, the urban area well meets the strict requirements of all members of the family from parents to children”. The recreational sports and essential utilities of life such as famous restaurants, spa, banks, convenience stores, etc. are available in the urban area. Her family still keeps their life activity and convenient life as in her hometown; if there is any most obvious difference, this is excited to be living amidst the diverse grasslands of the tropics.

The bright morning of the summer day in Ciputra.

Summer days are also a chance to “comfortably” rest, enjoy and practice of Ciputra residents. The system of sports and recreation centers, and outdoor training ground and luxury restaurants are always equipped with the most modern investment for serving the residents. All Ciputra members may be different in their age, sex, nationality and language, but they share a common love with each other. The satisfaction of residents everyday explains the sustainable attraction of Ciputra Hanoi Urban Area. After nearly 20-development years, this place has always been one of the top trademarks and the choice of the prestigious owners.