Which urban areas receive the benefit when the overhead railway goes into operation?


Which urban areas receive the benefit when the overhead railway goes into operation?

Metro new urban railway No.2 has a total length of 11.5 km including 3 aloft stations and 7 underground stations, the first point is Nam Thang Long, the last point is the intersection on Tran Hung Dao street, TuLiem, Tay Ho, CauGiay, Ba Dinh and HoanKiem are said to be a “hit” for many urban areas in Hanoi.

The benefit received from the high railway

According to the Hanoi Department of Planning and Architecture, the urban railway No. 2 has a length of 11.5km in which the underground line running all the HoanKiem lake and the old quarter as Hang Dao, Hang Ngang, Hang Duong, Hang Gia is 8.5 km in length. As expected in 2020, the ship will carry about 535,000 passengers per day; about 661,000 and 777,000 passengers in turn in 2030 and 2040.

Urban railway No. 2 has the start point at South Thang Long (Ciputra Hanoi) which runs along Nguyen Van Huyen through Hoang Quoc Viet – Hoang HoaTham – ThuyKhue – PhanDinhPhung – Hang Giay – Hang Duong – Hang Ngang – Hang Dao – Dinh Tien Hoang – Hang Bai and the last point intersects with Tran Hung Dao street.

According to experts, the overhead urban railway will help improve urban transport situation, save energy and reduce air pollution. This enhances the life quality of the area residents.

According to the research of CBRE Commercial Real Estate Services Company, the formation of overhead tram and subway will have the strong impact on real estate value. Accordingly, the real estate area near the train station will have the average price 10-20% higher than other areas. Besides, projects located near the train station may offer higher rents or selling prices than others.

For example, in Bangkok, the overhead tram line passes through the inner Hanoi city inaugurated in 1999 and more than 500,000 turn-around residents use it daily to the workplace, which helps to avoid traffic jams. This system also significantly increases the value of real estate, especially the apartments near the train station. For every km is nearer the train station, the price of residential land increased to 6.5%.

The choice for the future

Currently, although the overhead railway has not yet gone into operation, many have sought to purchase projects that can be received the benefit from this transportation system caused of the future utility that is extremely much.

Although the management agency is in Ly ThuongKiet, Ms.ThuHuong (in PhuTho countryside) still decided to buy an apartment in the Ciputra international city. According to Ms. Huong, she accepts to work far in the next period, in return, Ciputra Hanoi is the living environment that she dreamed of with synchronized infrastructure, closed harmoniously in the green nature. There is a large detension basin, green park and green utility systems such as golf course, swimming pool, Eco-Path, Ciputra Club and the Ciputra Mall estate center. “The most important thing is that there is an international standard school system, with excellent infrastructure and perfect transport links, which are adjacent to the two major traffic routes of the capital, belt road No.2 and No.3.” From Ciputra, It just takes 5 minutes to get to Nhat Tan Bridge, Thang Long Bridge, for 15 minutes to the city center … Especially, when Metro 2 route goes into operation, it will bring the higher utility. “, Ms.Huong said.

Night Scene at Ciputra Hanoi

Ciputra Hanoi has officially launched a new villa  Grand GardenvilleTay Ho  Residence project with the number of just over 100 units; Area from 140m2 to 396m2 with more than 4 bedrooms. All apartments have front garden and back garden. Most of the villas there is open side to the park, the general area is 25ha and “garden” within the area is 6.000m2.

Grand GardenvilleTay Ho Residence consists of 161 units, in direction lake of 25ha

Along with that, the up-gradeTheLINK Ciputra apartment product is located at the main gate of the West, adjacent to the belt road No.3, near the foot of Thang Long Bridge and the direction of Noi Bai International Airport is very convenient for trade links. .

The Ciputra Hanoi high-grade apartment TheLINK 345

TheLINK Ciputra has rooms with the area from 53 m2 to over 150 m2, priced from 2.1 billion to 8 billion (including VAT and maintenance fee), meet the diverse needs of buyers. At present, the raw part of buildings has been completely finished and the apartments are paid up to 50% of the contract value.

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