West Lake: Ideal Residence Of Foreigners


West Lake: Ideal Residence Of Foreigners

If the old town is a favorite tourist destination for foreigners visiting Hanoi, Ho Tay is the “home” that foreigners choose for themselves when living in the same lifestyle of the capital.

According to statistics on residence density, the number of foreigners living in Ho Tay is always higher than in other areas in the city. In 2016, the number of permanent foreign residents in the district was over 4,000.

According to experts, in addition to short distance only 10-15 minutes to the central area, West Lake features possesses features of the ideal living area for foreigners including low population density and great natural lake surface space. Those are extremely valuable to them who are so tired of the stuffy and sultry urban life, which only includes concrete and vehicles.

Therefore, along with the formation of the original international community in the West Lake, accompanied by the development of the facilities such as European-style restaurants, night bars, convenience stores with imported goods and etc., the foreigners who live in the West Lake have “shared” each other, which makes the international community here more crowded.

Among the areas that many people choose to live in, it can refer to Lac Long Quan Street, Au Co Street, Xuan Dieu Street or the most famous, Ciputra – the first closed urban model in Hanoi which bring international standards of living for residents of the Capital. According to statistics, the proportion of “Western” residents living in this urban area is up to nearly 40% of the total of more than 7000 residents, an impressive number if compared to other urban areas of Hanoi.

Full Moon Festival 2017 for Ciputra residents

In addition to the international standard security services of a closed urban area – a factor brings a safe sense to foreigners who always give prominence to for personal privacy, Ciputra owns a large green landscape of up to 77 hectares for trees and water surface. Up to 77 hectares for trees, water. Close to nature and “environmental friendly” are not only reflected in the planning and design of each house, apartment and utilities in the area but also in the only Eco-culture culture here.

7km eco-path for pedestrians and cyclists

Mr. Stephen, a foreign professional who has lived in Vietnam for 10 years with a variety of living experiences, living in this “Western” urban area said: “I am very happy with my life here because eco-culture is very close to what I have been familiar in my hometown. In the urban area, the Board of Management puts the trash out of every house, of which rubbish is dumped every day and recycled. In the urban area, there are signs of pets which require pets to be attached to the chain and their owners must clear the pets’feces. Perhaps it is strange to the Vietnamese people, so there seem have no urban area caring, but for us, it is the norm standards of life and Ciputra really makes us pleased.”

International residents account for nearly 40% of the total population in the urban area.

Besides, the quietness is also a factor Mr. Stephen and the foreigners highly appreciate. Mr. Stephen shared: “Having lived in other locations in Hanoi, I’ve been obsessed by the noise of my neighbor’s house when they repaired almost 24 hours a day, even in the middle of the night, or the sound of street vehicles and the chatting voices of neighbors. But in Ciputra, noise is a “peripheral” concept which is never compromised and disrupted the “special” tranquility and identity of this place”.

“I changed my noisy two-bedroom apartment to a 4-bedroom house with full of peace, tranquility and freshness. Although it may be more expensive to invest, the cost of living is cheaper because I do not have to spend more time finding the ideal“place to live”. I often sit and enjoy coffee and readbooks by the window overlooking the green nature and enjoy the peaceful space. We felt very fortunate to be residents of Ciputra”, concluded Stephen.

Happily living in the Ciputra International urban area is a privilege and also a fortune. This is partly because of the few opportunities for new residents to join the green and “Western”-based civilized. Typically, in the past year, Ciputra only offered 161 villas adjacent to 25ha of green parks and the few numbers of apartments in The Link 345.

According to the latest information from the investor, residents who wish to join the Ciputra international community can visit the actual apartments and sample houses for experienceing the living space in harmony with the nature and gazing with veneration of modern luxury apartment design in the two The Link 3 and The Link 4.