Choose the international school for your child: Don’t forget to choose the living environment


Choose the international school for your child: Don’t forget to choose the living environment

Today, the desire of letting children learn the international schools is the first choice of many “rich” parents. However, to create the best possible development for their children, experts say that the surrounding environment of children cannot be ignored.

Previously, when there was no international school system in Vietnam, most parents opted for their children to study abroad at the countries with more developed education systems such as the UK, USA, Australia or Singapore, Malaysia, etc. However, over the last 10 years, as more and more international education systems have emerged in Vietnam, the option of “on-site studying abroad” hasbeen being chosen by many parents as not only lower cost than that of studying abroad but still being able to “control” their children.

However, this option is not perfect, because in Vietnam, there is always a certain “difference” between the international educational environment and pure Vietnamese living environment. According to educational experts, the surrounding environment is of utmost importance in building, shaping, strengthening skills as well as the habits and lifestyles of children. However, learning in the “Western” environment, but living in the “Vietnamese” environment sometimes makes them feel “lost” because they do not know what is right as the views of the East and the West are not always identical. Moreover, foreign language skills are not much improved because at school, they mainly use “school” foreign languages while their daily communication in foreign language is not practiced regularly in their pure Vietnamese living environment.

Therefore, in order to facilitate a comprehensive and consistent development of their children, parents are not only careful in choosing their children’s school but are very careful in choosing a place to live. Mr. Son Nguyen, a parent of children studying at United Nations International School of Hanoi – UNIS, said: “As a person who has lived and studied abroad, I found that living environment as identical as school environment is very important. When living abroad, I felt very comfortable in working and socializing because the lifestyle and behavior standards are similar. Therefore, in order to facilitate my children with comprehensive development, I decided to move my family to Ciputra Hanoi, where there are many civilized people, especially international residents”.

Ciputra is an international urban are with nearly 40% of foreign residents from more than 70 countries

According to Mr. Son, not to mention that his children are going to school near his house or they are living in a gated international urban area with many playgrounds, places and utilities, the biggest advantages for children is a living environment with many international residents. Therefore, in daily life, his children will often have the opportunity to meet and communicate naturally with foreign friends and residents in foreign languages who are living and working here. This is a very important starting point for children in the process of becoming a true global citizen.

Basketball ground of Hanoi Academy on Ciputra Hanoi urban area campus

Ciputra is the first international urban area in North of Vietnam. Over the past 20 years of establishment and development, Ciputra Hanoi is still a pioneering and typical gated urban area model and livable place admired by many people. This is also the urban that owns many of the most prestigious international schools in Hanoi, including United Nations International School of Hanoi – UNIS, Hanoi Academy International Bilingual School, Singapore International School, Sunshine House and K.I.K Kindergarten. In addition, the advanced physical education system for children, My Gym – the leading brand in physical education, has also been present at Ciputra for many years with many sports programs along with music, dancing and aerobics for children from 6 months to 15 years.

Ciputra Hanoi is the place to orient dream of global citizens

Owning aninternational civilized community, Ciputra is the place to orient children’s dream of global citizens with comprehensive development both intellectually and physically.