Impressive Opening Ceremony – Grand Gardenville Tay Ho Ciputra


Impressive Opening Ceremony – Grand Gardenville Tay Ho Ciputra

On the date of 25th November, the Developer of Ciputra Group officially launched the Phase No. 3 of Grand Gardenville Tay Ho Ciputra with very following impressive numbers.

In accordance with the Developer of Ciputra Group, there were approximately 500 customers attended the event and 30% of 161 units of Grand Gardenville Tay Ho Ciputra was sold successfully. The cheapest price of each unit is about 16 billion Vietnam dong but the project still attracts many customers because of the following factors:

Prime and thriving location

The most “expensive” feature of the project is its prime location where Grand Gardenville Tay Ho Ciputra is surrounded by the Red River, West Lake and Nhat Tan Bridge. All roads from and to the project is absolutely wide and it is really convenient to reach the center of Hanoi city or suburbs. No worries of traffic jam, it takes you only 15 minutes to reach Hanoi City Center and about 10 minutes to arrive Noi Bai International Airport.

Being a primary location of the future metro route, the residents of Ciputra Hanoi shall benefit development of traffic infrastructure. In near future, the completion of Metro Route No. 2 that starts at Ciputra Hanoi and ends at Tran Hung Dao Street shall enable easy traffic to any locations in the city center.

The fresh West Lake, with nearly 1.000 ha of green trees and water surface, is considered as “green lung” of Hanoi City. Although there are many newly developed urbans within the city, the real estate projects located in such area are the first and most valuable option for the rich. Such a prime location is an ideal living place for many foreigners and “General Headquarters” of many international organizations and Embassies and also, West Lake becomes an especially attractive place for Vietnamese businessmen, diplomatists and intelligentsia.

Located in the most livable area of Hanoi, Ciputra Hanoi is also referred to as “miraculous nature in the heart of capital” with 50, 8 hectare of green area and 26,1 hectare of lake and canal system. Therefore, Grand Gardenville Tây Hồ Ciputra is situated in the heart of the “lucky” urban area, which is inherited the combination of the natural green space associating with the most civilized and  highest standard living facilities.

Real green living

Built and developed by two prestigious investors: Ciputra Group (Indonesia) – The pioneer in the field of large-scale international urban development  and Urban Infrastructure Development Investment Corporation –  one of the biggest investment corporations in Hanoi, by now Ciputra Hanoi is considered as one of the urban areas where has the completed green ecology and quite large scale in Vietnam.

The West Lake has long been planned, developed, associated with the preservation of some landscape, ecological and cultural values. On that basis, such urban areas like Ciputra Hanoi and  Grand Gardenville Tây Hồ Ciputra have been built, developed and inspired by the green gardens.

The buildings are designed in harmony with the nature, facing a 25-hectare park of whole Ciptra Hanoi project so that the future residents will enjoy the real “green” life.  These are the green space filled with sun, golf course, and the long shady roads together with blooming followers during four seasons.

International standard utilities

Complex of Grand Gardenville Tây Hồ Residence includes 161 villas, which are built, designed with the modern and traditional styles. There are different area sizes of 140m2, 180m2, 300m2 and 396m2 which including 4 bedrooms, separate garage and the front and behind gardens. The space is properly designed, along with many large and small door systems to increase the contact area with the surrounding space.

When living in Grand Gardenville Tây Hồ, the residents can enjoy the common utilities of area. It is Ciputra Club- the largest entertainment complex in Hanoi: Leadbetter Golf Academy, golf course, gym, four season pool, Spa system, amusement park with restaurant and VIP room, bar, coffee shop, the large hall, meeting room, indoor and outdoor amusement parks for children.

Especially, this area contains many the world-class educational facilities, such as United Nations International School (UNIS), Singapore International School (SIS), Hanoi Academy School (HAS), Kinderworld Kindergarten, Sunshine House, etc.

The urban area is also developed in modern style with full functional infrastructure and the dedicated as well as professional management team, including technical, landscape care service, reception and security services 24/7, etc.

With the increasing of population density and limited land fund, it is quite difficult to choose a house with such spacious space, airy natural landscape and convenient traffic. Grand Gardenville villa is located in the heart of Hanoi Ciputra urban area and is one of projects in Hanoi City; it can meet all requirements, which are not easily achieved by other projects. However, the number of villas is limited, only long-sighted and quick-minded investors can own such a luxurious villa here.

Attractive sales policies

From 7th November to 6th December, the Developer provides the great incentives for customers who own the villas here: Discount 1% if the customers pay 50 % of villa value and free furniture package accounting for 350 million/unit. That is the reason why the villas of Ciputra Tay Ho are so attractive, though they are not cheap at all.

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