Ciputra Hanoi Lightened Up At Christmas


Ciputra Hanoi Lightened Up At Christmas

Christmas is coming, bringing the atmosphere of a happy and warm new year. It is not surprising if stepping into Ciputra Hanoi, you are lost in a European streets with Christmas colors theme. Across the inner streets are sparkling with star-filled trees. All the main gates’ entrance are nicely decorated with Santa Claus, snow pines, reindeer’s vehicles, etc. All lit up a brilliant Ciputra like a gorgeous and impressive fairy land.

The highlight of Christmas space is the image of Santa Claus wearing a huge gift bag on his shoulders, shimmering snow pine trees cleverly created from brilliant LED lights and green trees at all inner intersections. All are surrounded by reindeer’s vehicles rushing to bring “dreams” to lovely children at Ciputra Hanoi.

In addition to the meaning of the birth anniversary of Jesus to Christians, Christmas also has a special occasion for each family member to reunite, gather and dine together. It is a ssleepless night. All listen to a story and look back what happend in the past year; thereby further appreciate and cherishing what is there. The warm image of the Snow family is reappeared as a message reminding people to live slowlier, towards their family to feel the miraculous transformation of earth and sky before the New Year.

Especially, the Christmas color in the peaceful Ciputra Hanoi is indispensable for the giant pine trees decorated with sparkles and thousands of gifts in the lobby of the LINK345, Park Lane apartment complexx, etc.

If Noel is the expected moment of the adults with the joy of reunion, Christmas is a special day for children. Christmas is a magical night that all wishes of the little children who are the most obedient and best performance to Santa will come true. The Snowman of the real world, parents will always be willing to fulfil such wishes. Their wishes are not only to give their children a colorful fairytale childhood memory but also nurture their faith that there are miracles outside the vast world where each of us has the right to write down our dreams and living ideals. God will give the most magical gift for deserving ones.

Let’s thrill to await “secret gifts” from Santa in Christmas Eve this year at Ciputra Hanoi!