The Ideal Resort Life For The Elderly


The Ideal Resort Life For The Elderly

The happiness of parents when retiring is a peaceful time with their family in a green living environment and the opportunity to exchange or participate in meaningful community activities for a happier and healthier life.

1. Green space for the health of the elderly

The whole life is full of worries for people, when getting old, any old person wishes for a peaceful life, makes friends with nature and plants and enjoys peaceful and slow moments of life.

A tree-filled life will increase the longevity of the elderly

A study at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and Women’s Hospital shows that “a tree-filled life will increase the longevity, social interaction and physical activities and clean the air”; in particular, “women living in vegetated areas have a 34% lower mortality rate related to respiratory and a 13% lower death rate related to cancer in comparison with people living in less vegetated areas”.

Despite expensive fund in the inner city as right next to West Lake, in our planning, Ciputra Hanoi has spent more than 1/3 of the total land area of 300ha on creating green space equivalent to 77ha of trees and water surface, including 25ha of core park, large and small parks and tree-lined Ecopath. Also, we have created the largest green density up to 20m2 of green trees/person, an index equivalent to those in Singapore green island nation, an extremely ideal and desirable green density. The lush green when zooming in through a window or a spacious balcony or the foliage, flowers, or shady green parks when away from the house will make the soul of people relaxed and comfortable like enjoying the fresh life in a quiet suburb, especially the elderly.

The density of trees in Ciputra Hanoi is 20m2/person, an ideal index equivalent to those in Singapore green island nation.

Ciputra Hanoi has spent 77ha out of 300ha for tree and water surface.

“First, when deciding to sell a townhouse in Kham Thien and move to Ciputra Hanoi, all my relatives had prevented. However, actually, when I lived here, I have only felt the absolute resting days of old age. I do not need to make use of planting a few baskets of flowers or trees on the balcony or terrace like in my previous townhouse because everywhere is flower gardens and park here. Also, even though located in the center of Tay Ho District, the urban is separated from noise and dust, which is also a plus point of Ciputra Hanoi”. Uncle Ngan, a resident has just moved to TheLink apartment.

2. Community activities – useful “nourishing” medicine

Loneliness and generational distance seem to be the two most common concerns of the elderly. Many families live in the same house, but there is always an invisible gap between the members. Every morning, the young generation hurries out of the house with the worries of life and they are busy with electronic devices or separated in a separate world after returning home in the evening. Sometimes, due to the fear of being confronted by the difference in thinking between generations, the elderly parents and their children rarely find a common voice. And the elderly, especially those who live in townhouses, usually close themselves in four quiet walls. Sometimes, they are concerned by their neighbors every afternoon. Some people play chess at the end of the lane. And day by day, the elderly will feel a sense of loneliness in their own home and living space.

Scientists confirm that there is an area called the “lonely zone” in the brain, which is responsible for depression. When being alone, the stress hormone cortisol will increase and this process speeds up blood pressure, reduces blood flow to important parts of the body, and weakens the immune system.

Therefore, a living space with community activities, connection with the neighbors in the town for the elderly is extremely necessary. At Ciputra Hanoi, if kids are delighted in the world of fun activities such as Painting Festival, Swimming Tournament, Book Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Halloween …, the elderly finds their joy at the “countryside markets”, nourishment sessions, art shows, art exhibitions and flower arrangements or health festival for the elderly.

A seminar on health for the elderly at Ciputra Hanoi

Experience the peaceful “countryside market” right in the heart of the urban area.

Flower Workshop at Ciputra Hanoi attracted lots of the elderly

Starting a new day, the elderly can participate in meaningful activities such as walking, riding a bike under the lush greenery, chatting with their friends, visiting “Farm market” to buy nutritious foods to take care of their family, joining the community activities or improving their health at sports clubs for residents. Such activities will help the elderly enjoy full joy with their children and grandchildren.