Uniquely Ciputra “Western City” Welcomes Mid-Autumn Festival


Uniquely Ciputra “Western City” Welcomes Mid-Autumn Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival night filled with childhood colors by many fun activities, unique and impressive performing arts taken place at Ciputra Hanoi on September 7, 2019 had attracted thousands of residents to participate.

This is an annual festival organized by Ciputra Township for young residents, also one of the community activities to express gratitude and unite the residents from over 70 countries around the world.

Moon lake and hoof lift net decored with rural characteristics

The whole township area seemed to wear a new shirt with ssparkling and fanciful lanterns from every street leading to the festival. The highlight of the program was the image of the 4D moon lake, lotus lagoon, hoof lift net and fishing boats decorated with rural characteristics as well as giant colorful lantern rigs, which all were reproduced in the festive space to attract curious eyes of young children, especially foreign little kids.

The festival is a bridge to help children better understand the beauty of Vietnamese folklore and promote a rich imagination when they could personally experience how to make traditional lanterns and moon cakes or handmade toys, etc.

Corner of handmade lantern not only attracted foreign children but also their parents

The art performance at the festival was always the most expected moment when it was exciting and sometimes gentleas well as thrilling magic performances that left unforgettable moments in the hearts of children.

Enjoy the space of traditional mid-autumn festival at Ciputra Hanoi.

The eagerness and passion were on the eyes of the little children

Children enjoyed making their mooncakes

The vibrant lion dance was the opening performance

Some special performances at the festival

Shimmering mid-autumn colors across the green roads of Ciputra Hanoi

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of modern life, when children are in lack of playing space and have less opportunities to participate in communities, such large – scale traditional festival is like a “nutritious spiritual meal” not only for the younger generation, but also a very meaningful “coming back to childhood ticket” for the adults. At Ciputra Hanoi, when customers buy houses, it is also the time they buy a living environment with 365 days of full happiness.