Happy Urban Area Makes Up The Happy Residents


Happy Urban Area Makes Up The Happy Residents

Once a year, Sustainable Development Solution Network of the United Nations publishes the World Happiness Report. The list of 2018 included 10 countries with the “wonderlands” that every one of us wishes once in life to be set foot in such as: Finland, Switzerland, Denmark, Australia, Canada, Ireland and etc.

Topping the list is Finland. The people of this Northern Europe country enjoy the maximum happiness thanks to the beautiful and peaceful life here. Only in the world, in Finland, people are free to hike, ride horses, climb mountains and go on snow in Koli National Park. In Denmark, people seem to be the most fortunate of the planet when being admired the beautiful natural attractions such as Gasadalur waterfall. Swiss people named in the list of Happy countries thanks to possess the famous Apls mountain. In Canada, the city is bright at night, and in Australia, its long coastline resources with coral reefs are invaluable gifts for the people. Each country has its own “secrets” that make it attractive, but it seems that the common point of the handbook is the living environment, the key of a quality lifestyle and quality of life.

In Hanoi, in the midst of busy and crowded life, there is a “dreamlike” urban area that people here are proud of calling “happy urban area”. It is Ciputra, the short name taken by the name of the investor of the South Thang Long International Urban Area. After more than two decades since setting the first foundation of the development process to nowadays, this urban area of over 300ha with nearly 8000 inhabitants has always been a model of a complex urban model, which is highly appreciated by international resident community and elite Vietnamese.

Ciputra with total area of 301 hectares includes villa and high-rise divisions

Ciputra is located in the West Lake area, which easily connect to all the central districts of the City, and also very close to Noi Bai International Airport. This position in the future will become much more potential when the second urban railway with 11.5 km long passes here. The first point is Nam Thang Long and the last point is Tran Hung Dao, the railway consists of 3 underground stations and 7 on-high stations, passing through Tu Liem District, Hai Ba Trung District, Hoan Kiem District, Tay Ho District, Cau Giay District and Ba Dinh District. Future infrastructure is a strong impetus for the strength of the region in general and the urban area in particular.

“I contributed to the “migration” of the whole family”.

It is the pride and happiness of Ms. N.T.Thu Hoai, a long time resident of Ciputra. As one of the households moved to the urban area from the early days, Ms. Thu Hoai still cannot forget the story around the choice of residence for her whole family. Leaving the Old Town here, initially, her family, friends and relatives complained “far-away distance”. However, after only a short time, she changed the mind of everyone.

“I have never seen far. If every day I just take 30 minutes to the company, this period is ideal for traffic now. In 30-minute driving without any traffic jam, I both drive and enjoy watching West Lake on the road. My two children learn at the United Nations International School – UNIS in our urban area. My husband does not have to go far to play golf because 38-lane golf course near our house is his weekend destination”.

Because of being planned under synchronous model of utilities and services, “everything under one roof”, Ciputra is full of educational – physical – entertainment –relaxation – essential shopping facilities for residents.

“In the external area, there are 6 swimming pools, 5 tennis courts, lots of children’s playgrounds, gardens, and Ciputra Club. My children do not have to go far to swim and play. Parents are also easy to find chess playing space and constitutional exercises”.

Ciputra possesses a quality of life that she said “just as dream she is looking for”. Finally, convinced by what everyone sees with their own eyes, her maternal grandparents, siblings and some friends moved here and gathered with her.

Ecological space with full closed facilities

“Ciputra is not my only home, but the only place I think is worth living”.

Mr. Ngo M. Trung, owner of a large restaurant chain in Hanoi shared, he is also a real estate investor in Hanoi. Rarely are new projects known by him. He also has many successes in the land “buying and selling” deals. However, his family still choose to live permanently in Ciputra Hanoi.

“Talking about the ecology and utility, in Hanoi now many areas meet both factors, if different, it is difference of levels of investment. But the feature other places cannot be as good as Ciputra is community. All living here are intellectuals, foreign experts, entrepreneurs, artists and influential people in society. I think thanks to the high awareness, the habitat here is very ideal”.

His family continues to buy The Link345 apartment for investment. The rental exploitation here is appreciated as a highly profitable investment thanks to civilized living environment and be preferred by many foreigners, so high rent and guest searching are not difficult. New The Link has its own facilities such as swimming pool, promenade and small gardens at the foot of the building. Along with platform of available utilities, The Link is highly appreciated.

The Link 345 apartment complex possesses a panoramic view of the Golf course

“Global thinking, local living”.
Mr. Anthony Powell has a lot of fellow-villager friends and he has very close friendship with the “expats” association (the name only for foreign qualified professionals working in other countries) in Ciputra. He came to Vietnam more than 15 years, after a short time with many times moving house, he and his wife have settled in Ciputra, then his wife gave 3 births; and now his apartment here is really close home.

“I think that the investor here has an international mindset when creating a living environment with full of utility services for the people. However, coming to Vietnam, it can’t help mixing with interesting native life. The first time I have heard about the Moon Festival and the New Year’s Day through activities that the residents jointly held every year”.

Ciputra continues to develop new subdivisions such as “garden in garden – lake in lake” The Garden Gardenville and The Link’s high-end apartments with many choices of area. Ciputra still continues to own its own charms thanks to its unique advantages that make happiness for residents. Therefore, both residents and customers are waiting for new information from this urban area./.