Ciputra Unique Grand Winter Festival 2018


Ciputra Unique Grand Winter Festival 2018

Exciting performances and wonderful Christmas colors like European fairy tale with various activities at the Grand Winter Festival has attracted attendance of thousands of residents and guests on December 8th, 2018 in Ciputra despite of the cold raining weather.

Exciting performances at the Ciputra Winter Festival 2018

All the ways to Ciputra Hanoi have been filled with Christmas and New Year atmosphere. The highlight of the Festival is the image of Santa Claus, the Snowman, Reindeers and the magnificent Pines that have been elaborately and meticulously decorated with sparkling wires, beautiful gift boxes and hundreds of bright red Christmas balls.

All ways to the Ciputra Winter Festival are filled with Christmas atmosphere

At the event, residents of all ages have found their favorite corners of pleasure. If the children have been always fascinated with attractive games such as: Balancing Racing for little racers, Statue painting, Fishing, Air castle, or immersed in the world of books…, the mothers have spent their free time visiting the Flea Market (Garage Sales Fair) with various high-quality items at the very affordable price. The fathers can be satisfied with their culinary passion with a variety of European-Asian and Vietnamese food stalls such as: Thai Plus, Saint Honore, Red Apron, Country Gifts,… Besides, some guests have found their joy of sitting on the environment-friendly buggy cars to experience the fresh green space and peaceful pace of life of the first international city in Ha Thanh.

Book Festival in the Ciputra Grand Winter Festival

Flea Market – Unique Garage Sales Fair at Ciputra

On the stage, artists from the international band namely Flamenco and Philippino were performing exciting performances that made the festival atmosphere become bustling. “I’m going back to England to welcome Christmas at the end of this month and it’s great to be at the Christmas Festival in Ciputra. I feel the familiar atmosphere of Europe, which helps me feel less homesick in the moments New Year coming!” Ms. Natalia (36 years old, a British citizen, a resident of Ciputra) shared. Hoang Bach, 5 years old, a child resident of Ciputra excitedly said: “I love this Winter Festival and this Christmas Festival very much. There are many games and I am also given gifts by Santa Claus”.

Nightfall is also the most anticipated moment with the attractive items welcoming Christmas for the little ones. Theatrical stage sometimes wants to burst with vibrant dance, sometimes lightly deep with the symphony and sometimes nearly strangled when seeing the thrilling magic performances.

Christmas trill melodies of the Church’s Hymn Club

The vibrant Christmas dance

Ciputra Winter Festival welcoming Christmas and New Year has successfully ended with the song “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,” which has left its impressive moments on the hearts of residents and visitors. It has still been on the face of the children with cheerful, passive and lightly regrettable feelings when it was time to say goodbye. The Organizing Committee also found the owners of 30 prizes at the Lucky Draw Program as warm Christmas gifts from Ciputra. The event has been not only a meaningful annual activity aimed at building and connecting a civilized and united community, but also brought warm moments among family members before the new year.