Ciputra Hanoi Contributed VND 5 Billion For Coronavirus Pandemic Prevention


Ciputra Hanoi Contributed VND 5 Billion For Coronavirus Pandemic Prevention

On April 3rd, 2020, Citra West Lake City Development Company Limited (Ciputra Hanoi) presented VND 5 billion for the campaign of COVID-19 prevention through the Vietnam Fatherland Front Central Committee.

Receiving contribution from Ciputra Hanoi, Mr. Tran Thanh Man, Chairman of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Central Committee (VFFCC), noted and praised Ciputra Hanoi for timely response, sharing and support towards Covid-19 fight, saying such donations help promote unity, safety and humane actions among the community. Chairman Tran Thanh Man also shared that Vietnam has been taking effective measures on the pandemic prevention and control thanks to the Party’s right leadership and people’s determination and unanimity.

Representatives of Ciputra Hanoi’s Board of Directors presenting VND 5 billion for fight against Covid-19 pandemic through VFFCC

“VFFCC is committed to spending the donated amount for the right purposes, ensuring funding to the units taking care of people at this time” , emphasized by Mr. Tran Thanh Man.

“We strongly believe in the Party and Government leadership and guidelines on the prevention and control of the Covid-19 pandemic. Although this fight is expected to last, what we have striven so far is deserved to be proud. We decided to support VND 5 billion with the hope that together with the Government and the people of the whole country we will join in the prevention of pandemic as well as minimize the adverse impacts on Vietnam’s socio-economic situation” shared by Mr. Hoang Hung Quang – The Deputy General Director of Ciputra Hanoi.

With a scale of 301 ha of area, Ciputra Hanoi was invested by Citra Westlake City Development Company Limited – a joint venture company between Urban Infrastructure Development Investment Corporation UDIC (Vietnam) and Ciputra Group (Indonesia). As a large-scale township with a large international community in Hanoi, Coronavirus prevention is the top priority of Ciputra Hanoi during this time.

Mr. Hoang Hung Quang also shared “Right after receiving the information about Coronavirus originated in Wuhan – China, Ciputra Hanoi Estate Management has strictly implemented the measures of Coronavirus prevention under the guidelines and recommendations of the Health sector, which ensures the disease to be strictly controlled and avoid disease transmission such as extensive propaganda, disinfection of the whole area, strictly controlling cases returning from the epidemic-hit areas and preventing diseases from outside by a body-temperature check at all gates to the Ciputra Hanoi and at its buildings and offices”.

Regarding propaganda measures, information about the Coronavirus and prevention know-how is sent directly to each household. Also, notices and leaflets are placed or posted in public areas such as doors to the lobby, reception desks, elevators; propaganda banners are hung at all internal roads; the latest news on the internal website and fanpage is regularly updated to ensure everyone receives accurate and timely information on the disease.

Disinfection of common public places at Ciputra Hanoi is regularly carried out.

Ciputra Hanoi regularly uses the Cloramin B solution to clean inside and outside buildings, especially in lobby, playground and public areas. Antiseptic solution (for hand washing) is placed in the lobbies of the buildings and inside and outside elevators. All elevators are cleaned once every 60 minutes.

For cases returning from the epidemic-hit areas, Ciputra Hanoi Estate Management regularly cooperates with the Health of Tay Ho and BacTuLiem districts, wards, ward public security and residential quarters to classify and inspect groups of foreign residents, especially those from epidemic-hit countries and areas such as China, Korea and Europe right from the early days of disease. In the case of detecting suspected cases of Coronavirus in the community, defined solutions shall be applied immediately.Ciputra Hanoi Estate Management also arranges security guards at the Coronavirus-suspected households for 14 days.

Ciputra Hanoi’s security team is taking the temperature of all guests to Ciputra Hanoi.

Currently, everyone entering Ciputra at all entrances is required to have a body-temperature check. Ciputra Hanoi closed two gates including Pham Van Dong main gate and Vo Chi Cong gate (closing way-in) to focus control at the remaining gates.

“The Board of Directors and all employees of Ciputra Hanoi are committed to fully complying with the requirements and direction of the Prime Minister and the Health sector. Also, we shall make all-out efforts and join hands with Vietnam to fight against the pandemic as quickly as possible”, emphasized by Mr. Hoang Hung Quang.