3 Unchanged Principles in Development of Ciputra Hanoi


3 Unchanged Principles in Development of Ciputra Hanoi

At the Vietnam Property Awards 2018, Ciputra was honored in the “Best Urban Area” category. This success is not beyond the experts’ assessment and is appraised by the experience of more than 7,000 residents here, the first large-scale international urban area in Vietnam. After nearly 20 years of construction and development in Hanoi, Ciputra is still the top choice for an ideal living place of the upscale class, and is a symbol of well-off life in the heart of the capital. Looking at what Ciputra has been doing, it is clearly seen that the developer has three core principles.

Invested by Nam Thang Long Urban Development Co., Ltd – a joint venture between Urban Infrastructure Development Investment Corporation – UDIC (Vietnam) and Ciputra Group (Indonesia), Nam Thang Long Urban Area – Ciputra Hanoi is located at the Northwest gateway of the capital, near the Red River and the large West Lake. Laying the foundation for this 300-hectare urban area is Ciputra Group, a world leader in new urban development. With a network of more than 100 member companies, Ciputra Group is a pioneer in the field of real estate development on a large scale, which has created the green, clean and modern urban communities. So far, Ciputra Group has successfully developed 110 real estate projects with the scale from 260ha to 6,000ha in Indonesia and other countries. Ciputra Hanoi is the second successful project of Ciputra Group in Vietnam after Pullman 5-star hotel and it is the first integrated complex model of urban according to Master plan of Hanoi City.

The urban area has different high-end low-rise and high-rise zones alternating 77ha of valuable green space and rich and diversified services. The Developer has just introduced two new subzones since 2018, including a villa subzone called Grand Gardenville and an apartment subzone called The Link345. Looking at Ciputra’s products, it can be clearly seen that three principles can be considered as a measure of value for this foreign real estate brand.

Principle # 1: Customer eccentricity

Customer eccentricity is the guideline for the planning that Ciputra set out from the early days. Planning and building an urban area always come from defining who the target customer is, and how the developer will provide the utilities and services for the residents to have a ccomfortable life both physically and mentally to be able to live for a long term. Since 2000, when the market seems strange and suspicious of the concept of luxury apartments or gated urban area, Ciputra Hanoi as a pioneer led the concept of home ownership in an integrated urban area to the best experience, life art and enjoyment. Ciputra saw the superiority of the “All in one” model when planning the first phase of the whole urban area along with the synchronous internal transport infrastructure, wide, open and green landscape, and many utilities such as health, education, shopping and entertainment, which can meet all needs of the residents.

Ciputra Hanoi always put customers as the eccentricity

Ciputra currently has 05 international schools, 06 swimming pools, 04 gym centers, 01 golf driving range, 5 tennis courts, flower gardens, children’s playground, commercial shop houses, convenience stores, restaurants, coffee shops … which forms a modern, synchronized and closed utility system with the highest service standards to serve the diverse population of age, gender and nationality.

In terms of design, Ciputra brings a wealth of experience in international project design which always apply the most up-to-date trends, along with the deep understanding of Vietnam’s living habits and climate in order to optimize living space. The exterior design and functional space division of the villa and apartment, so far, still satisfy the meticulous owners after many years of living. Looking at the design of the Grand Gardenville villas and The Link 345 apartment building today, although there is innovation in the design trend and adjustment in the area to meet market demand, the design principle of elegance but minimalist, modern but elegant, emphasizing the proximity to nature and ensuring the common – private principle – in the activities of the Vietnamese is still committed.

Luxury interior design emphasizes proximity in daily activities

Principle # 2: Sustainable development is the guideline

The origin of sustainable development in a synchronized urban project is the planning along with the developer’s right and timely vision and strategy. Ciputrah as oriented and implemented synchronized development of two main rules as follows:

First, do not maximize the housing and commercial space. Ciputra spends land fund of up to 77ha for green and water space, of which 50.8ha of greenery planning, 26.1ha for lakes, which brings each resident here their own privilege. Ciputra possesses up to 20m2 of green space – the equivalent number of the green density of the world’s greenest island, Singapore. The rich greenery is the foundation for the living value of this high-end urban area. Additional planning of new subzones also has the task of bringing more space here, Grand GardenVillehas only 161 villas on a total land area of 7.5ha, the ideal building density. Especially, this new villa is adjacent to the 25ha corepark, an ideal green area for a resort life in the heart of the city.

An ideal green area – Grand Gardenville Villa

Second, Ciputra has launched and applied Eco Culture to every development action since 2012, so that each of its resident is more aware of the ecological value of their life. Also, Ciputra has planned a private lane for pedestrians and bicycles named Eco Path, which is over 7km long, providing residents with peace-of-mind and positive energy recovery when walking or cycling inside. Along with preserving the living environment, protecting the green nature has become the distinct culture of Ciputra Hanoi’s residents.

Principle # 3: Operational management is a must

Looking at Ciputra’s achievement after nearly 20 years of investment and development, we can clearly see the effectiveness of the residential management throughout the long journey.

Ciputra has its own set of standards in operational management and strict requirements from personnel. From security officers, fireman to laborers in charge of landscaping and interior, maintenance of utilities and public management department, all are dedicated to complete large workload with the aim of building Ciputra to be more beautiful, greener and more satisfied by the residents every day.

Ciputra also contributes significantly to the creation of community culture. Here, the developer regularly initiates exciting, interesting and engaging community activities so that all members of the community are more engaged and involved. We can refer to the Ciputra Summer Fun 2018 Program in recent time, a “summer camp” has offered free swimming and painting for the residents. Previously there were many activities such as Halloween Festival, Book Festival, Swimming Tournament for Kids … and many other volunteer events.

Operational management is a must

With these 3 principles, the developer Ciputra has shown a strong and deep understanding to the economic and investment environment in Vietnam with the aim of creating the first livable urban area in the capital, not only for the Vietnamese but also for multinational communities around the world.