Run tournament for wildlife at Ciputra Hanoi


Run tournament for wildlife at Ciputra Hanoi


The Run Tournament “Running for Wildlife-Wildlife is not Medicine,” held on November 6 at Ciputra Hanoi, drew hundreds of participants.

The race was organized by Hanoi Half Marathon, Sporting Republic in conjunction with Education for Nature Vietnam (ENV) and Ciputra Hanoi as the venue sponsor. Many athletes of various ages and nations gathered to compete in the 21km, 10km, 5km, and 1km races.

This is an effort to increase public awareness about the dangers of using pharmaceuticals derived from wild animals and to encourage the community to commit to not trading or consuming illicit wildlife to contribute to the conservation of species on the brink of extinction.

The athletes start at the Ciputra Club lobby. Photo by Ciputra Hanoi

According to the race organizers, the situation of hunting, trading, and ingesting wild animals, particularly endangered, valuable, and rare species, has become more problematic in recent years. This brings wildlife species closer to extinction, threatening biodiversity in Vietnam and around the world.

Many rhinos are slain each year for their horns, hundreds of bears are still kept in confined cages to extract bile, millions of turtles are hunted for their shells to create medicine, and tigers are also held in captivity and exchanged for cooking tiger bone glue. According to ENV data, the organization documented 1,862 wildlife-related breaches in the first two quarters of 2022.

The landscape and open space at Ciputra Hanoi make the race more pleasant. Photo by Ciputra Hanoi


The race for wildlife, according to its organizers, is not only a place to get plenty of exercise and interact with others who share a passion for sports, but also an opportunity for the community to express its support and spread the message “the wildlife is not medicine.”

Mr. Hugues Hervier de Courtisigny – General Manager of Ciputra Hanoi Estate Management presented the outstanding athlete award for the 21km distance. Photo by Ciputra Hanoi


As a venue sponsor for the Hanoi Half Marathon for many years, Ciputra Hanoi has worked to provide a green, clean, and beautiful location for thousands of participants. Athletes are checked in a green area and compete on lyrical pathways with repressed emotion. Through this meaningful annual race, Ciputra Hanoi would like to deliver a message to the participants to protect wildlife.