Bustling Tet Market At Ciputra Hanoi


Bustling Tet Market At Ciputra Hanoi

On 12 January 2020, Ciputra Hanoi held the Tet Market representing a traditional Tet concept of Vietnamese, which attracted a large number of residents and their relatives to come and shop.

Going to Tet market is a long tradition of Vietnamese people and The Tet market always has an important meaning in the minds of every Vietnamese. The Tet market at the end of the year is always crowded and bustling with all the special products offered. Especially, in these days, people often “overspend” with the psychology of welcoming a big Tet.

People go to Tet market not only to buy food and drinks but also to meet and enjoy Tet and spring ambiance.

In the heart of a modern new township known as the “Western Street” of Hanoi, the Tet market has recently been as the vivid films reflecting the beauty in the traditional culture of Vietnamese and brought a strange, interesting but familiar image.

Ciputra Tet market space was decorated with nostalgic colors that reminds us of a traditional Hanoi with mossy yellow walls, bamboo tables and chairs and agricultural stalls. Also, here is a place where residents can capture the unforgettable moments of families.

The artisan was showing the children how to make complete Banh Chung.

The highlight of the fair was the activity of guiding Banh Chung-making. It was divided into two areas such as traditional Banh Chung and cane-leave-made Banh Chung. If the children were curious and excited about self-weighing the ratio of rice, meat, and beans to make a complete cake and experience the boiling process of the cake using wood stoves, the elderly residents found their childhood memories through such unique cuisine. This is an extremely meaningful activity that educates and preserves the precious traditions of Vietnamese culture when a busy life makes the self-making of Banh Chung gradually disappearing.

In today’s digital age, when people seem to be too familiar with shopping at busy supermarkets, shopping centers or online Tet markets, the Ciputra Tet market is a memorable moment to look back at the traditional culture of Vietnam. Also, it helps to unite family members and all Ciputra residents before the New Year 2020.

Warm moments of family reunion with the Ciputra Tet market.