What are Ciputra Hanoi preparing for Kids in Mid – Autumn Festival 2018?


What are Ciputra Hanoi preparing for Kids in Mid – Autumn Festival 2018?

On the evening of September 22nd 2018, “Ciputra Mid-Autumn Festival 2018” will be held at the Ciputra Hanoi International Urban Area. On this event, Ciputra children will jointly experience a range of unique cultural, artistic and folk games.

With the desire of forming a vibrant and friendly Ciputra community and creating a bridge for exchanges and connection among residents through community cultural activities and the preparation for the August Festival on the event of the Mid-Autumn Night Party, one of the most expected events of the year at Ciputra Hanoi, the event will be officially “opened” at 17h00 on 22/09/2018 (Saturday) in the central yard opposite to Villas T, near Gate E4-E5 (Ciputra Hanoi). With the official name of “Ciputra Mid-Autumn Festival 2018”, this is a large-scale event organized exclusively for Ciputra residents, especially its young residents.

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival Ciputra in 2017

At the Ciputra Mid-Autumn Festival 2018, the festive atmosphere of the traditional eighteenth day of the eighth lunar month will be reflected not only by the style of space decoration, but also by the traditional moon of “enjoying the moonlight” – such as funny five-fruit tray and meeting the legendary characters such as Mr. Cuội, Ms. Hằng, Mr. Tễu and Mr.Lân and Vietnamese folk games. In addition to bringing joy, laughter and community connection, these activities are expected to contribute to preserving and reproducing part of the unique folk culture of the Vietnamese people to the modern resident classliving in Ciputra. This is also an opportunity not only for the Vietnamese children to learning about the Mid-Autumn Festival but also for the international residents to be immersed in one of the big festivals for children to comprehend Vietnamese folk culture.

Mid-Autumn colors bring joy to residents of all ages.

Along with fun activities and enjoying exciting ambiance at the community playground, a series of bustling shows will be a very special spiritual gift for the guests with many interesting performance such as: drum performances, lion dance, moon festival legend and lively scene, circus performances, music and dance and etc. On the night of the festival, the Organizing Committee will prepare different small stalls for residents to trade and exchange attractive gifts. A small market with unique gifts under the theme of Mid-Autumn Festival will make the festival day livelier.

The foreign residents are very excited with the Mid-Autumn Festival of the Vietnamese

Activities during the Mid-Autumn Festival in Ciputra Urban Area are expected to bring joys to all generations. A joyful autumn will colour the beautiful picture of Ciputra Hanoi. It is also the Developer’s desire, dedication and efforts for Ciputra residents to get interesting and truly different experiences. In particular, this Autumn 2018, Ciputra will be more crowded and bustling when welcoming the new owners of The Link 3 and The Link 4 Apartment.