Cozy Christmas Eve at Ciputra Hanoi


Cozy Christmas Eve at Ciputra Hanoi

A cozy and meaningful Christmas at Ciputra Hanoi in a colorful fairy space has just ended in the full joy and emotions of the children. All their dreams have made true by Santa Claus.

As an annual activity organized by Ciputra Hanoi for residents, each Christmas event always brings a unique color. If the previous Christmas was an outdoor event for all residents, in this year, the Christmas day was arranged on different residential zones with orchestras and sparkling parties of fairies and beautiful and meaningful small gifts, etc.Despite the cold and rainy weather, each horse-drawn carriage silently carried Santa Claus with gifts and wishes on the roads and alleys to thousands of houses in the children’s excited, surprised eyes.

The reindeer was quietly in the night …

To carry Santa Claus with dreams for every child.

Let’s take a look back at the cozy atmosphere of Christmas night at Ciputra Hanoi.

Smiles, eyes and bustling dance of the children were following the funny Christmas dance.

A moment of a boy writing letters to wish for a happy new year.

The children’s excited eyes when given gifts from Santa Claus

The meaningful souvenir photo saved moments of family reunion at Christmas night.

Rather than an event dedicated to children, the series of events is also a valuable opportunity for families to come together and clear all distances to send warm greetings for a happy new year.

Ciputra Hanoi is the first international urban area in the capital with over 40% of residents being foreigners, which creates the largest multinational resident community in Hanoi. In addition to building high-end villas and apartments, Ciputra always focuses on creating a cohesive, civilized and high-end community through annual activities for residents including Christmas. Currently, CiputraHanoi still reserves a small number of apartments available for foreign customers who want to own TheLINK345 apartments which wasn handed over in the fourth quarter of 2019. Contact 18001088 or website: for more information.