Ciputra Hanoi – Resort Like Living In The Heart Of The Capital


Ciputra Hanoi – Resort Like Living In The Heart Of The Capital

In the midst of summer days when the climax of Hanoi reaches 42 degrees, everyone wishes to have a lush spacious place to return and escape from the chaos of life as well as suffocating summer days.

Ciputra Hanoi with a total area of nearly 300ha and low construction density, all the internal roads filled with trees and colorful inner gardens, making Ciputra like a resort in the heart of the city. No matter how sultry it is, the residents of Ciputra Hanoi always feel comfortable. For them, Ciputra Hanoi is a miniature Da Lat with a mild climate all year round and four-season flowers. Admire Ciputra Hanoi’s summer painting – the cool and poetic natural painting of Ciputra Hanoi through its unique flowers, we will see why Ciputra is like a “resort in the heart of the city”!

When the last bunches of Bauhinia Variegata (Ban Flower) and Dalbergia Odoriferous (Sua Flower) fall, the sky changes with sudden rains to catch the harsh summer sunshine, it is time for Flamboyant (Phuong Flower), Giant Crape-myrtle (Bang Lang Flower), Sterculia Lanceolata (Sang Giau Flower), etc. to proudly bloom after a long winter break, weaving a painting of flowers.

This ancient tree named brilliant Sterculia Lanceolata (Sang Giau Flower) is a rather strange plant, which usually grows only in the Quang Nam Mountains or midland hillside, with flowers and fruits in star-shaped clusters.

A corner of the Giant Crape-myrtle (Bang Lang Flower) sky

While people continue the busy life, a flower named Giant Crape-myrtle (Bang Lang Flower) is silently blooming in purple. Not as brilliant as the SterculiaLanceolata (Sang Giau Flower) or Flamboyant (Phuong Flower), Giant Crape-myrtle (Bang Lang Flower) blooms the simple purple color, with fragile, gentle appearance, soothing soul in the hot summer days.

Thousands of brilliant ancient Sapa roses along the inner streets.

Lush green lawns covering the TheLINK345, soothing the summer sunshine

Exactly, Ciputra Hanoi is a place to live in the hot summer days, an ideal resort for the residents enjoying the living privilege in lush greenery spaces. If outside Ciputra Hanoi is scorching concrete blocks of numerous houses, Ciputra Hanoi is only covered with intercropped trees and flowers.

Ciputra Hanoi is the first international residential township in Hanoi with a scale of nearly 300ha. For decades, Ciputra Hanoi has always affirmed its pioneering position in creating a sustainable green living. Good news for those who want to join Ciputra Hanoi’s resident community is that from May 5th, 2020 to August 31st, 2020, customers who purchase TheLINK345 apartments and satisfy the conditions prescribed will be given an interior finishing package up to 300 million VND.