Ciputra Installs The First & Most Modern CCTV System In Vietnam


Ciputra Installs The First & Most Modern CCTV System In Vietnam

In June, 2019, Ciputra Hanoi installed the closed-circuit television (CCTV) and new smart cameras to control the entrance and exit of vehicles with many preeminent features, which is supposedly the most modern and first system in Vietnam, ensuring absolute safety and security for residents.

1. Security camera of the whole area

195 is the total number of high-resolution smart cameras installed throughout buildings, roads, streets, public areas and at the gates of the urban area with the aim of managing and monitoring the security situation of the urban area 24/24, regardless of day and night, even in the harshest weather conditions.

With DarkFighter technology dedicated to dark monitoring, the camera system at Ciputra captures sharp, outstanding images with the ability to adjust lens, zoom in or out on objects for the best observation purposes.

Ciputra security personnel is always on duty day and night to monitor security throughout the Urban area.

Inside the security monitoring room, 12 of 55-inch LCD screens and 04 computer screens are equipped; thereby, security staffs can both observe the current security situation, and access and review the history of images, helping the security and incident management of the whole urban area to be most accurate, timely and effective.

2. Camera system recognizing smart license plate

All Ciputra gateways including 6 main gates and 1 side gate are installed with camera to recognize license plates of vehicles moving in and out of the Urban area. The smart technology of automatic recognition of license plates has 99% accurate shooting rate, which can capture license plates when vehicles are at high speed.

The system operates under the camera mechanism when detecting the movement of vehicles, it will automatically capture license plates, photos and panoramic photos in every time in and out the urban area and be stored on the system. In addition to the full character recognition feature on license plates of all motorized vehicle types in Vietnam, this type of camera can also identify both the front and rear license plates, which helps the management to be most accurate in the case of a change of front and rear parts of vehicles.

Any motorized vehicle moving in and out of Ciputra is recognized and recorded by the camera on all information about license plates, vehicle images and travel time.

3. Radar speed sign system

In addition, in March, Ciputra is also the first urban area in Vietnam to deploy the installation of Radar speed sign in all major roads, especially areas such as schools, intersections and roundabouts with large traffic.

This system is quite widely used in developed countries such as England, France, and the US. Operation with radar mechanism will automatically scan and display the speed of the nearest vehicles, in particular, the Led light column will display in green if speed is within the allowable range and display in red if the vehicle exceeds the specified speed. Clear and intuitive images on the Led column will help traffic participants to be aware of their movement speed, thereby adjusting accordingly. Not only that, the information obtained through this system will be the basis for analysis to get the most effective proposals for safe transportation problems in the inner area.

Radar speed sign systen in Ciputra Hanoi

The implementation of the smart camera system in the whole area and camera recognizing license plates as well as such modern radar speed sign system once again affirms the steps and activities of Ciputra Hanoi urban area exactly as with business motto and philosophy: Customer is the center, Sustainable development is the guideline and Good operation management is vital. And for those who are knowledgeable about Ciputra Hanoi, they are always aware of buying houses here, not just buying a place to stay, but buying living space, safety and future for their young generation.

With a scale of 300ha, Ciputra is the largest first international urban area in Hanoi with an ideal location adjacent to West Lake. The urban area has completed the second phase with nearly 3,600 villas and apartments and is welcoming new homeowners of the Grand Gardenville sub-villas and The Link345 apartments. On May 31, 2019, the urban area was honored at the 70th FIABCI World Prix d’Excellence Property Award in Russia, with the prestigious silver trophy for the category of “Best Masterplan Projects”.