The Ciputra Hanoi Swimming Tournament is held annually every summer. This year’s tournament took place on July 10, 2022 at G2-G3 swimming pool (Ciputra Hanoi) with the participation of many young people.

G2-G3 swimming pool with the participation of many young people.

As an annual community activity, Ciputra Hanoi swimming tournament is a summer sport event for the children of the residents. Besides the objective of health and physical improvement, the tournament is viewed as an opportunity for young residents aged 7 to 16 and their parents to meet, engage, and form bonds.

The contestants are making every effort to reach the finish line.

The tournament includes 94 children from the age of 7-16. For the finals, 30 awards were given to the TOP 3 of the following categories: Female 7-8; Male 7-8; Female 9-10; Male 9-10; Female 11-12; Male 11-12; Female 13; Male 13-14; Female 14-15 and Male 15-16.

Reaching the finish line along with the cheers of the audience.


Notable of this year’s Ciputra Hanoi tournament is 8-year-old Nguyen Quoc Trung with his burning passion, has bravely competed in the category of age 9-10 male and made it into the finals. The Female Champion is AYAHA NAKAUCHI, who finished in 33sec78, while the Male Champion is PHAM NGUYEN QUANG MINH, who finished in 33sec73.

Award ceremony for the Top 3 contestants.

The awards determined their winners after an intense and exciting competition.

Ciputra Hanoi 2022 Swimming tournament is a useful playground, it brings an intense and exciting competition to the residents’ young generation. This is one of many activities that the Manager Board always put effort into in order to enhance the life quality of the residents and to build an evironment with strong community cohesion.

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