Halloween is a traditional festival held every year in many countries around the world. Currently, this festival is quite popular in Vietnam, but not everyone knows what Halloween is, its meaning and origin.

What day is Halloween?

Halloween is a traditional festival held annually on October 31 before All Saints’ Day of Christianity.

Halloween is celebrated to marked the end of harvest season and the beginning of cold winter to commemorate the deceased, including saints, martyrs and all deceased relatives.

This festival was formerly known as All Hallows’ Eve. In particular, “Hallow” is an Old English word meaning“god”, and in Scottish, “eve” is even (evening) in English, this word is also shortened to “e’en” or “een”.

Over the centuries, All Hallows’ Eve gradually became Halloween, and this is the official name known by many people around the world.

Halloween has become the popular festival in many countries around the world



The typical symbols for this festival are the jack-o’-lantern, impish witches, poisoned apples, demon ghosts or animals that signal death, such as owls, bats, etc.

On Halloween, people always dress up as ghostly character, appear together under the moonlight and attend the ghastly decorated parties.

Meaning of Halloween

Halloween begins on October 31, the night before All Saints’ Day (November 1), and ends on All Souls Day (November 2). These are three consecutive days and are celebrated with a meaning to honor the saints who have or have not been to Heaven, including the ancient Celtic goddess of harvest.

Halloween’s features


Besides, this day also means to remember the loved ones who have passed away. During Halloween, the spirits of the dead were allowed to visit their families. Roman Catholics believe that earthly prayers will help souls wash away their sins and soon return to God.

It is one among the reasons why beings like witches, hobgoblins, fairies, and demons came to be associated with the day.

Halloween colors in Vietnam

Unexceptionally, in Vietnam every year to the Halloween season, there are many interesting activities that attract young people to participate. Typically, at Ciputra Hanoi International City in Tay Ho district, this activity is an indispensable cultural specificity and receives the responses from the residents’ community from more than 70 different countries in the world. An attractive colorful party was held methodically and safely at October 31 night. The residents immersed themselves in the mysterious atmosphere of unique costumes and transformations. They can also know about the culture and the origin of Halloween Day through the activities such as Trick or Treat, pumpkin carving and decorating unique check-in spots.

Adorable costumes of the kids at Ciputra Hanoi


Interesting activities on Halloween Day at Ciputra Hanoi


The characters in the movie are present in real life through the unique costumes of the residents