Impressive “Floral Saturday – Autumn Vibes” at Ciputra Hanoi


Impressive “Floral Saturday – Autumn Vibes” at Ciputra Hanoi

Flower workshop, “Floral Saturday”, an event to share flowers care and learn how to arrange flower with professional flower artisans, took place successfully on Saturday, October 26, 2019 in the lobby of TheLINK5, L345 apartment complex – Ciputra Hanoi. The event has brought the relaxing, exciting and fun moments to participants loving flowers. The event has attracted many guests who are residents and potential customers of the project.

The participants of the Workshop not only were shared how to take care of flowers, arrange flowers in small landscape, decorate vases and choose flowers in accordance with feng shui and architectural style of the house by professional flower artisans from Dalat Hasfarm, but they also visited the project and enjoyed the rich green landscape of Hanoi’s first international urban area. In particular, the guests have won many meaningful and attractive gifts of the flower arrangement contest and lucky draw by Ciputra Hanoi.

Opening Workshop was the sharing and exchange of flower artisans from Dalat Hasfarm on how to choose flowers and care for flowers properly. The simple but extremely helpful tips made guests surprised and excited:

Guests were attentively listening to sharing and exchanging with artisans

Next part was the guide on arranging themed flowers such as small landscape and vase decoration in accordance with the homeowners’ taste, style and aesthetic taste. Because all Ciputra Hanoi residents and guests own spacious, classy and elaborate houses in the design, in this exchange, a lot of sharing and opinions were given, bringing an exciting atmosphere in the whole room. The artists openly shared secrets and experiences and encouraged guests to ask questions around this topic.

A Dalat Hasfarm artisan was sharing how to arrange flowers and nourish flowers

It can be said that “Flower Arrangement” was the most attractive and exciting part of the program when all guests were free to show their creativity to make their own works with dozens of fresh Dalat flowers and tools and accessories freely provided by Ciputra Hanoi. Customers applied the guided knowledge and depending on their own taste and sent meaning, they created their own bouquet for the artisans to score. The winner received meaningful gifts and brought his own excellent work to decorate their house. At the end of the workshop, all participants have participated in the lucky draw program with valuable gifts for sports and dining services at Ciputra Club.

In the hustle and bustle of life, reward yourself for moments of calmness with elegant pleasures, a spiritual therapy, which helps each of us become relaxed and peaceful. With the art of decoration and tips to take care of flowers, more than just a hobby, each bouquet of fresh flowers in the house also helps bring freshness, energetic energy as well as a happy and fulfilling life for each home. That is the message Ciputra Hanoi wants to convey through Flower Workshop with such meaningful “Autumn Vibes” theme.

Experience the joyful moments as well as admire the excellent works of the Ciputra Hanoi residents and customers at the Floral Saturday in L5 hall.

The guests were passionate about creating their own works

The works were ready to compete

The artisans came to comment and mark each work.

“I want to give my mom and my wife bouquets that I have arranged myself”, the men’s significant reason for attending the workshop.

Not only attract adults, but the children were also “wholeheartedly” with their works.

The workshop found the owners of the best works.

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