Launching ECO BIKE Service – Go Green Go Cycling


Launching ECO BIKE Service – Go Green Go Cycling

Here at Ciputra Hanoi, we highly value the spirit of green living, where we desire to protect the environment for a sustainable development of community. Beside our Eco Path with full of greenery along its sidewalks, we – Ciputra Hanoi are pleased to announce that we are now ready to launch a service that has been looked forward to by all of our residents this 2018: EcoBike – Go green go cycling.

With our inner 7-kilometer-long Eco Path filled with green tree and 4-season colorful blossoms, Ciputra Hanoi residents can now easily cycle and relax with our Eco Bicycles and Tandems placed at our buildings lobbies, which can only be accessed by our residents.

This is a chance for Ciputra Hanoi residents to not only spread out their sport spirit and inspire their beloved ones to live healthy, but also contribute to build a civilized and environmental – friendly community.

  • Service launching: From October 5th, 2018
  • Operation time: 6:00 AM – 9:00 PM everyday
  • Registration points: Apartment Buildings – G3; E1; E4; L2; P2
  • Maximum use per registration: 3 hours
  • How-to: Fill in our Service-Using form and Leave your identity papers (Identity card or Driving license).

👉 Call 0888.944.488 or go to the reception at our registration point for more details.