THE LINK345 CIPUTRA Reveived The Final Edge – Green Building Certification


THE LINK345 CIPUTRA Reveived The Final Edge – Green Building Certification

🏡TheLINK345 Ciputra received The final Edge-Green Building Cerfitcation issued by The International Financial Corporation (World Bank) on the dated 06th July 2018 after 2 year period of registration and fullfiling the strict censor process of IFC Green Building experts.

 TheEDGE Certificate for 2 Bedroom of TheLINK 345 – Ciputra Hanoi

 TheEDGE Certificate for 3 Bedroom of TheLINK 345 – Ciputra Hanoi

🏡In December 17th 2019 Mr.Thong Suprobo Antono – Project Director of Ciputra Hanoi International City receiving the EDGE Preliminary Certificate (for design stage) from  Mr.Poul E. Kristensen – Green Building Expert of IFC.

🏡Whether designing affordable homes or highend apartments, hotels or resorts, office buildings, hospitals or retail establishments, EDGE empowers you to build sustainable architecture. EDGE buildings are part of a growing trend that is affecting change worldwide. EDGE creates intersections among market players to deepen the understanding that everyone wins financially by building green through bringing together those who design, develop, finance, incentivize and live and work in green buildings.

🏡In February 2019, all of TheLink’s 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom units have officially received the final comprehensive GREEN Certificate – The prestigious EDGE of the International Finance Organization (IFC) with the indicators meet and exceed the standard as Energy savings, Water savings, Less embodies enegy in materials.

🏡The grand lobby theLINK345 is luxuriously designed, comfortable like the 5-star hotel lobby. Smart design is dedicated for each unit with reasonable space, exquisite high-class style in the closeness with nature when the all spaces are filled in with natural light.

🏡By getting EDGE Certificate, Ciputra Hanoi makes a clear action of corporate excellence and environmental responsibility at a higher development of Eco-Culture Introduction Program initiated by Bpk. Budiarsa Sastrawinata – Our General Director of Citra Westlake City Development Company in Ciputra Hanoi International City since 2012.

🏡Simultaneously, it guarantees for the proper implementation of the commitment of the prestigious pioneer real estate investor when creating a close relationship with customers for authentic and quality housing products, ready to respond against  the change global climate.

🏡For further details of the apartment complex theLink345 Ciputra Hanoi at the “Project” section of the Green Building System – of the World Bank (WB):