Step Into Magical Halloween With Ciputra Hanoi


Step Into Magical Halloween With Ciputra Hanoi

Thrill, curiosity and excitement are the feelings of the residents attending the mysterious Halloween held at Ciputra Hanoi on the evening of October 31, 2019.

As a township with the largest foreign community in Hanoi, Halloween is always one of the most anticipated events at the annual Ciputra Hanoi “Western City”. The festival has attracted a large number of residents.

Festival space vividly simulated the Halloween atmosphere – “Saints’ Eve” with ghastly corners of zombies, sprawling mummies, cold gravestones, monsters or hands full of blood, etc, symbols of death. Also, the festival included mysterious images of pumpkins arranged in many subdivisions and spread throughout the urban area. The dominant colors of orange, white and black symbolizes life and the underworld, convey the sense of commemoration of the dead and use humor and ridicule to confront the power of the death.

“Macabre corner” at Ciputra Hanoi Halloween

As soon as the sun came out, the pumpkin convoy came to each apartment and villa to pick up “little demons” or “little witches” creatively dressed up to the festival or attend a “trick or treat” game – knocked on the door for candy. Full of magical images were across the streets of Ciputra Hanoi and interwoven throughout the subdivisions. As a multinational community, the makeup of the visitors always takes many forms, reflects the cultural imprints of each nation, creates a unique picture and attracts everyone’s curiosity.

Each pumpkin convoy to accompany the “little demons” to the festival

Is anyone courageous enough to carpool with this “witch”?

Halloween 2019 is the event in Ciputra Hanoi’s annual series of events including the Mid-Autumn Festival, Cuisine Festival, Book Festival, Eco Day, Green Track, Christmas Festival … for our residents and customers who are interested in the project. It not only creates opportunities to exchange and associate “close relationship” amongst neighbors in the community but also brings moments of warm reunion amongst family members.

Join us in the mysterious Halloween world at Ciputra Hanoi.

The unique costume of little residents

Gate of the mansion was full of magic