The exciting meaning of Christmas decorations


The exciting meaning of Christmas decorations

Christmas is a holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus. Although it is not an official holiday in Vietnam, Christmas has gradually become a festival for people to decorate their houses beautifully and reunite with their family and friends. Christmas decorations bring a warmer atmosphere to families and carry special meanings.


Christmas decoration in a corner of Ciputra Hanoi International City

Traditional colours of green and red

Green and red are the two traditional colors covered most throughout the Christmas decoration designs. Green represents the intense vitality of the tree, even in the bitter cold of winter, just as Christians believe that Jesus Christ will live forever. Meanwhile, red symbolizes the pain and blood of Jesus Christ when he was crucified on the cross.

Christmas tree:

In winter, while the other trees are withered, pine trees are evergreen. Therefore, our ancestors considered them as the “Rose of Jericho”. At Christmas, people used to have a tradition of planting small pine trees in German; this is also where pine trees were known as Christmas trees for the first time.

Pine trees are decorated in all apartment halls at Ciputra Hanoi.

Christmas Star:

The star is a meaningful image during Christmas, symbolizing God’s miracles. Legend has it that a brilliant star appeared when Jesus was born. Its light spread and could be visible for hundreds of miles. From the far east, three kings followed the light, which led them to the place where Jesus was born to offer incense and treasures. This is the reason why the 5-pointed star is often placed on the highest position of the Christmas tree.

Christmas star placed at the top of the Christmas tree


Christmas bells:

In some Asian cultures, bells signal people that a happy or sad event has occurred. In Western countries, bells ring to welcome the coming of Christ.

Christmas star placed at the top of the Christmas tree

The symbol of the bell in the Christmas decoration

Santa Claus:

A character that is loved by almost everyone, especially children, every Christmas. Santa Claus is a symbol of kindness, always bringing good luck and peace to people. He often rode his flying reindeer in the sky, went to the houses with the Christmas trees, climbed through the chimneys to give sleeping children their presents, which are often left in their socks.

Santa Claus is one of the most loved characters in the Christmas season.


The story tells that there were three girls of marriageable age in a family, but no boys noticed at them because their family was too poor. Bishop Myra was so merciful that he threw the gold coins down the chimney and accidentally landed on the stockings that the girls hung by the fireplace. The girls were thrilled when they had the opportunity to fulfill their wishes. Since then, there has been a custom of children hanging socks next to the fireplace to receive gifts as dreams from Santa Claus.

Advent ring:

Hanging a wreath of Advent leaves above the door speaks of the struggle between light and darkness. An advent wreath is a circle of green branches and leaves decorated with 4 candles or colorful decorative fruits. Just like the infinity of the circle, the green leaf circle represents God’s boundless love for people. Green means the hope that the Savior will come to save people. In addition, there is often an Advent calendar in the West, a unique calendar used to count or celebrate the days leading up to Christmas.

In the days of December in Vietnam, the Christmas atmosphere flooded from the house to the street. Everywhere is colorful and warm, especially in shopping centers or large urban areas. As an annual culture, Ciputra Hanoi is always a unique check-in point in the Christmas season because the very Western and European decorations are always shown most clearly. Moreover, because this urban area has the highest percentage of foreigners, international events or holidays are paid attention to and promoted.