West Lake: Sustainable Level With Time


West Lake: Sustainable Level With Time

After nearly 10 years of expanding administrative boundaries, the West Lake area is always a bright spot, enough to keep the best position because the price of land here is always high because West Lake always has the advantages that no area can be comparable.

With natural and historical origins associated with the Red River, West Lake is considered as a jewel in the heart of the capital and becomes a good place to settle down. Considering the traditional eastern fengshui rules, the lands surrounding the West Lake are attracted by the association of three factors that make up the good land including: air (open air), clear roads (clear land) and water (water source). This is a set of very rare criteria in the center of Hanoi in which an inch of soil is an inch of gold, so if selected a bright spot in the capital where the good feng shui, people of ancient times always reminded the West Lake area, the land associated with the sacred classic reference and development history of the city.

In fact, the West Lake area has a total planning of nearly 1000 hectares, but the residential area only accounts for a modest proportion of 23% of land area, most of the remaining area includes more than 500 hectares of water surface (approximate circle of 20km) and green park areas. The area around the West Lake is located on the high ground, so it is hard to get waterlogged and heavy floods in the rainy season. It also has a well-connected transportation network and easy access to downtown districts. Especially, in the near future, when the urban railway No. 2 originating from the Nam Thang Long urban area (Ciputra Hanoi) will connect directly to the Hoan Kiem area, the move to the Old Town will be extremely convenient.

Ciputra Hanoi is located next to West Lake with nearly 20 years of formation and development

Therefore, land around the West Lake area is always very valuable, land prices are always high because the land fund is limited while the demand is very large. Even as Hanoi develops extensively on all sides, land around the West Lake is always “as precious as gold”.

In the field of real estate, the “West Lake house” products always carry a very different position. The “owners” of the major real estate brands are always looking for opportunities to develop big projects around this area. The “golden projects” have been developed, which creates a luxury and high-end complex and attracts not only Ha Thanh upper-class families but also the community of foreign residents choosing to settle.

For more than a decade, to refer to a luxurious and high-end real estate project on the banks of the romantic West Lake, the Ha Thanh people always refer to the Ciputra project. Conveniently located alongside the West Lake and the Red River, South Thang Long urban area (Ciputra Hanoi) is known as the first international eco-urban area of Hanoi, which brings a new standard of living for Ha Thanh upper-class. Ciputra Urban area presents as a giant ecological garden with 50.8ha for green trees and 26.1ha for water surface, which creates the most livable urban area in Hanoi.

The rich greenery of Ciputra Hanoi urban area is in the heart of the capital

The “first” high-end urban area located on the super-expensive side of West Lake is always attractive name in the luxury real estate segment and this trademark’s new projects are always paid much attention by the market. Typically, two new projects are the Grand Gardenville villa area located next to 25ha green park and The Link apartment building next to the Golf Course with modern design in the middle of international-standard ecological space. Shortly after the first “leak” information, customers and investors have been welcomed solicitingly, which makes the number of Ciputra new products remain very limited.

Ciputra creates a strong appeal to the wealthy and honorable families who jointly share the ideal living space and good living value. Living here is a wealthy Hanoi-based community, the capital’s successful businessmen and many international residents with a high level of civilization, modernity and promotion of green lifestyle friendly with nature. Having operated and resonated for nearly 20 years, Ciputra brand is now a luxury real estate symbol when converging enough criteria forming the high-end and valuable river-side real estate line.