What’s Special About The Operation Of The First International Urban Area In Hanoi?


What’s Special About The Operation Of The First International Urban Area In Hanoi?

Located between busy streets, next to wind-swept West Lake, Ciputra urban area as a “green oasis” – the dream place to live of Hanoi people. Throughout the nearly two decades, Ciputra and its foreign urban management partners have been diligently working to operate, manage and maintain the urban area, keeping the image of peaceful and international-based ecological space in the heart of bustling city.

Security – Safety is ensured by protective teams

Developed and built in a separate campus, Ciputra always makes residents satisfied and completely trust the urban area.

Ciputra now owns a professional receptionist service based on the five-star hotel reception standard which is included in one of the few high-end residential projects in Hanoi. The protection team of the urban area is trained professionally and is ready to perform 24 hours a day. In addition, security in the urban area is supported by a security camera system and modern security barrier that control the whole area and operates smoothly. The uniform color of security staffs appears everywhere in the urban area, from “check in” checkpoints, internal roads, common campus to the foot of the building.

Safety for residents is also the focus of action. Not only the strict security lock, urban areas also pay close attention to safety factors for life in the urban area. Every year, all employees are periodically trained in firefighting, rescue and first aid skills…

Ciputra security team hands over to the next shift every morning

The “green” hands care landscape – environment

The ecological landscape with rich vegetation over thousands of tree species and large river surface is the unique highlight of Ciputra Hanoi, which makes it be referred to as “Paris in the heart of Hanoi”. Urban area is a pioneer in the development of eco-environment with the capital’s largest density of green trees up to 20m2 per person. To maintain the cleanness, beauty and green all year round in South Thang Long urban area, there are hands busy caring for the green here every day and every hour. The whole green campus of the urban area is cared for by two professional landscape contractors of Hanoi, namely the Green-Udic Company and Northern Landscape Architecture Co., Ltd, which has experienced in landscape care of Nhat Tan and Phu Thuong from the early days of development to nowadays.

Clean, beautiful green streets thank to the meticulous care of the landscape team

Also, Ciputra offers 24-hour cleaning services and 7-day landscaping services per week. In addition, in order to ensure a green environment for the health of the people in the context of increasing urbanization in Hanoi, Ciputra also provides pest control services and exterior glass cleaning for buildings every year.

Community development through activities for residents

Ciputra is the common home of thousands of families from 74 different countries. After nearly 20 years of development, the resident community of Ciputra has reached over 7,500 members. This place not only has four seasons of lush greeneryand absolute tranquility in a completely seperated campus, but it also has the exciting upper life of a high-end resident community.

Annual bookfair for Ciputra residents

Health clubs for all ages are busy every afternoon and every weekend. Unique recreational facilities are only included in Ciputra such as the prestigious Leaderbetter Golf Academy, the 38-lane golf course, 5-star fitness center, four-season swimming pool, library, sauna, VIP dining room, restaurants, coffee and etc., which makes the residents satisfied “spending” valuable relaxation time in the place where they live. Within the Ciputra area, there are 6 high-end clubs, 6 swimming pools, 5 fitness centers, a golf course and 5 international schools in the Urban Area for young residents from kindergarten to high schools such as KIK Kindergarten, Sunshine House Kindergarten, Singapore Primary School, Primary and Secondary School in International Bilingual School Hanoi and United Nations International School UNIS.

At the same time, in Ciputra, a unique cultural feature called Eco-Culture built by the investor also brings connection for the resident community and promotes the friendly green life with the environment. The first, unique and safe 7-km Eco-Path for pedestrians and bicyclists in Hanoi is the symbol of the green lifestyle of Ciputra residents.

Every inhabitant of the urban area expresses the love of nature in each of the smallest actions for the environment, which helps to build a sustainable green life for themselves and their family and spread that good lifestyle to the whole resident community.