Community News

  • Uniquely Ciputra “Western City” Welcomes Mid-Autumn Festival

    Mid-Autumn Festival night filled with childhood colors by many fun activities, unique and impressive performing arts taken place at Ciputra Hanoi on September 7, 2019 had attracted thousands of residents to participate. This is an annual festival organized by Ciputra Township for young residents, also one of the community activities to express gratitude and unite […]
  • Ciputra Hanoi Summer Swimming Tournament 2019

    On the morning of June 22, 2019, Ciputra Hanoi 2019 Blue Racing Lane was successfully organized at the swimming pool G02-G03 Ciputra Hanoi International City despite of the hot summer weather of 39oC, Ciputra “fishmen” have been trying their best to reach the finish line in the blue racing lane with new time records in […]
  • “Vast Green Oasis” In The Heart Of The Capital

    The fruitful mangoes, ripe bananas, jackfruits and starfruits racing to flower and fruit decorate for the international luxurious urban area of Ha Noi, which makes anyone stopping by amazed like lost in a true hick. Just stroll through any street at Ciputra Hanoi, in addition to the lush greenery and colorful flower beds spreading throughout […]
  • Colorful Summer Farm Market In Ciputra Hanoi

    It seems that the heat of May becomes softened when stepping into a Green Market with all the shades of colors such as: Green of fresh vegetable stalls: greens, gourd, pomelos…or the bright red of the fruits: peaches, dragon fruits, plums…to the yellow color of oranges, pineapples. Experiencing colorful farm markets right in front of […]
  • Highlands Coffee Opened At Ciputra Club

    Warmly welcome Highlands Coffee joining in the premium service & facilities system in Ciputra Hanoi International City. Highlands Coffee, a Vietnamese local coffee brand colored with contemporary style, officially opens at Ciputra Club in early May 2019. Located at the front lobby of Ciputra Club – Complex of Sport, Entertainment and Cuisine, Highland Coffee will […]
  • Purple Lagerstroemia In Early Summer

    In the dazzling summer sunshine, the Lagerstroemia trees are in the season of blooming flowers, dyeing purple all over the streets of Ciputra Hanoi. This purple flowers blooming into large clusters blending with the yellow of the sunshine, the blue of the sky, paints a picture of lively summer. Nature at Ciputra changes consecutively like […]
  • The Spring Is Overflowing At CIPUTRA HANOI

    In these days, walking on the streets of Ciputra Hanoi, anyone must linger to admire the beauty of nature in the spring and feel the peaceful and romantic moments in the place which is originally famous as the most luxury township in Hanoi. A corner of “Western sky” in Ciputra in the season of Barringtonia […]
  • Spring Garden CIPUTRA 2019

    A charming and lively Ciputra is shining in the spring sunshine.
  • Truely Christmas Is Sparkling in CIPUTRA HANOI

    💝 Year end is coming, Ciputra Hanoi residents are eagerly preparing for a peaceful Christmas season and welcoming a prospective new year. From inner streets leading to the entrance of each house is nicely decorated by impressive christmas themes. 💝 Although every family has their own way of decorating their houses in a unique way, […]