“Vast Green Oasis” In The Heart Of The Capital


“Vast Green Oasis” In The Heart Of The Capital

The fruitful mangoes, ripe bananas, jackfruits and starfruits racing to flower and fruit decorate for the international luxurious urban area of Ha Noi, which makes anyone stopping by amazed like lost in a true hick.

Just stroll through any street at Ciputra Hanoi, in addition to the lush greenery and colorful flower beds spreading throughout the area, people easily see trees leaden with fruits under each season in garden of each villa.

The mangoes in the early summer in the garden of a Ciputra Hanoi’s villa

“I often find a sense of peace when doing gardening, taking care of plants and wallowing in a quiet space to purify my soul. I also love the feeling of picking fresh fruits cared for by my own hands and giving them to my friends and relatives as these “countryside products” always make people very touched and cherished”, shared by Ms. Quy – the owner of “million-dollar garden” with hobby of collecting and planting regional specialities.

For Ms. Lan Ngoc’s family – a resident of T – Villa Zone, tree planting is an invaluable life lesson for her two children. “I often work with my children to do gardening on weekends. We have planted the short-harvested green vegetable beds and fruit trees that are worth using for many years. Picking ripe fruits on the tree branches planted by our family, I want to send my children the message that the food they use every day is not natural but is the intensive and meticulous care of people, through which I will teach my children the lesson of labor value, help them understand that growing food is one of the ways to exploit resources for the purpose of maintaining life. And moreover, when trees grow up with their growth years, they will be extremely close childhood friends, helping to nurture the soul, be inclined to the good and love with nature of children”.

Let’s gaze with veneration at the strongly-ecological beauty in this most luxurious urban area.

Fruitful jackfruits

Wild bananas in the million-dollar garden

The life-threatening starfruits

Star apples at the beginning of the summer on the porch

In addition to the pleasure of country life and “countryside gardens” “cultivated” by each homeowner, Ciputra residents also enjoy the “dual privileges” of an ideal green living space from creating landscapes of 77-ha greenery and water surface in the heart of the urban area with a favorable position when Ciputra is the only large-scale urban area (300HA) in Vietnam located near the West Lake – the largest natural lake in Hanoi, located at the “golden coordinates” of the Northwest gate of the capital. Also, it is a place of good feng shui surrounded by the Red River, making the climate in this area always cool, and temperature always lower than other areas in the summer.

Ciputra Hanoi is really a green living privilege not for the majority when the land fund in Ha Noi is increasingly limited; especially for those who are looking for a peaceful and isolated living space in the largest urban area in the capital, this seems to become “rare to find”.

A corner of Grand Gardenville villa subdivision with “dual privilege” when surrounded by inner green space and two largest natural rivers and lakes in Hanoi.

Ciputra Hanoi is the first international urban area in Hanoi with a large area of 300ha with 77ha for greenery and water surface. It has completed stage 1 and 2 with about 3,584 luxury villas and apartments with about 8,000 residents from 74 countries around the world. On May 31, 2019, Ciputra Hanoi was honored at the 70th FIABCI World Prix d’Excellence Property Award in Russia, with the prestigious silver trophy for the category of “Best Master Plan” project.