Community News

  • Ciputra Book Fair 2018

    Attracting approximately 1,500 residents, the CIPUTRA BOOK FAIR 2018 has closed, but the eagerness still appears the faces of young people. They have had fun and meaningful moments with their friends and relatives over the weekend and are immersed in the colorful fairy tale and interesting discoveries. As society is more and more developing with […]
  • Ciputra Tet Fair 2018

    The first day of the TetCiputra Fair 2018 sequence events had given many emotions for residents and visitors about the spring, the Tet festival was approaching. Residents and visitors enjoyed in the spring space which was decorated with New Year traditional colors and they smiled to their relatives, close friends and neighbors.   Everyone purchased […]
  • Photo Competition – Ciputra green life 2017

    The Management Board of Ciputra Hanoi would like to thank the authors participating in the photo contest “Ciputra – Green Life 2017”. More than 500 photos have genuinely portrayed the beautiful life in the urban area through the len of photography. With the motto of building and developing a civilized, green-clean-beautiful urban area, Ciputra Hanoi […]
  • Ciputra Hanoi Golf Championship 2017

    Recently, CIPUTRA HANOI GOLF CHAMPIONSHIP 2017 was successfully held at Dai Lai Golf Club in Vinh Phuc province with the participation of more than 130 golfers from Ciputra Hanoi, Ciputra Golf Club and Ciputra Course’s members. In this game, Golfer Nguyen Tu Minh won the Best Gross of the tournament with a staggering 80 strokes […]
  • Result of Hanoi Half Marathon 2017

    Hanoi Half Marathon 2017 ended successfully with the champion of Cao Ngoc Ha (10km Range) and Dunleavy Jack (21km Range). Ciputra is proud to be the PLATINUM SPONSOR for many years. The run was held by Red River Runners (RRR are mostly foreigners living and working in Vietnam including British Ambassador Giles Lever) and Sorting […]
  • Ciputra Hanoi Book Fair 2017

    “Books open new horizons for me” (M. Gorki Writer said) Come to Ciputra Hanoi Book Fair 2017 to enjoy the variety of books along with free entertaiment and educational activities that are fun, healthy and meaningful. With thousands of titles in the categories of literature, art, science, language, fairy stories, etc… Ciputra hanoi Book Fair […]
  • Ciputra Halloween 2017

    Ciputra Halloween night full of colors and typically traditional decors of pumpkins, switches and cute terrifying ghosts. Thousands of citizens in carefully disguised clothes and costumes together with children holding trick or treat candy baskets contributed to a very funny and meaningful Halloween. Ciputra Hanoi would love to extend our warm thanks to dearest customers’ […]
  • Ciputra Mid-Autumn Festival 2017

    Ciputra Mid-Autumn Festival 2017 with full of color has closed with smiles and bright eyes of young angels in Ciputra Hanoi. In the moonlight night, children are immersed in the festival atmostphere of the traditional stores in which they made To He by themselves, knew candy floss, traditional lion dance as well as water puppetry, […]
  • Ciputra Artist Kids 2017

    The class  “Ciputra Artist Kids 2017” ended after more than a month, Ciputra’s small residents took part in the drawing class at Ciputra Community Building. Lovely little friends have had summer days full of fun, useful and meaningful things. On July 22nd, 2017, Ciputra’s little friends had a memorable outdoor painting with the theme of […]