Ciputra Farm Market Day 06/05/2018


Ciputra Farm Market Day 06/05/2018

In recent times, unsafe food is increasingly threatening to the health and quality of Vietnamese’s life, which is a common obsession with families, is the concern of housewives when choosing foods daily to make “clean” meals for your loved one.

At Ciputra Hanoi, we have built and maintained Market Of Agricultural Product – Ciputra Farm Market Day since 2014 (up to now 4 years) with dozens to hundreds of “clean” agricultural products, which are specialties of many regions in the country, carefully selected and strict to bring Ciputra residents the “clean markets” and the absolute safety food that is not in the urban area where residents have the condition to experience regularly.


Every month, Ciputra residents are free to choose the variety of food items with clear origins to prepare the healthy meals for their family members according to the criteria “delicious-nutritious – cheap”.

In spite of the hot weather in summer, Ciputra Hanoi Community House is still crowded with the residents to experience the exciting and busy shopping atmosphere.

We would like to thank the enthusiastic support of the residents, and let’s look at some pictures at Sunday Market on the last May 6!