Brilliant And Poetic Ciputra Hanoi In March


Brilliant And Poetic Ciputra Hanoi In March

These days, walking on the inner streets of Ciputra Hanoi, we are all surprised at the poetic beauty of the four-seasons landscape at the same time, which is charming but impressive, gorgeous but gentle.

Barringtonia in the leave-falling season

The yellow and red of Barringtonia in the leaf-falling season is the highlight of Ciputra Hanoi natural picture. Strangely, while most of the trees are in bud with a vital appearance at the end of spring, Barringtonia is in the leaf-falling season. The change of leaf colors is very fast, by which various colors change in just a few days, make people confused. Because the familiar street corner suddenly became brighter and more glowing just in one morning. , where we all want to slow down to feel the beauty of a “lost Autumn” in March.

Autumn seems to linger!

Another “Western corner” in Ciputra Hanoi in the season of Barringtonia falling leaves

Bombax ceiba season (Gao Flower)

Bombax ceiba is reminded with a peaceful, close and reminiscent beauty of the Northern villages of Vietnam. As a symbol of March, each Bombax ceiba blooming season shows the signal of upcoming brilliant summer.

Bombax ceiba likes lights of fire lit on the branches and forms a brilliant flower carpet when falling down

In the thriving international township of Ha Thanh, more than landscaping purposes, the Bombax ceiba is planted next to buildings or villas as reminders of childhood memories for those who are away from hometown. Amidst the bustling life, whenever the red color of Bombax ceiba flower blooms, we again whisper: “March has come, has the Bombax ceiba in our hometown bloomed yet?”

Bauhinia variegata (Ban Flower)

If Bombax ceiba is reminiscent beauty of the Northern countryside, Bauhinia variegata is the signature flower of the Northwestern mountains. Such flower is widely grown in Ciputra Hanoi, from Eco Path to each porch of villa area.

Northwestern beauty right on the porch

The purple or white with faint and mild scent as priceless spiritual gift makes us perceive the breath and taste of the mountainous beauty creeping on each street. Strolling under the Bauhinia variegata, people seem to be blended into peaceful nature and relaxed moments.

Ciputra Hanoi streets fully covered by romantic Bauhinia Variegata

Dalbergia odorifera (Sua Flower)

Amidst the colorful hue of Ciputra Hanoi nature in March, Dalbergia odorifera stands out by gentle and pristine white color, which makes people remember forever.

The pristine beauty of Dalbergia odorifera in the morning

Dalbergia odorifera form in clusters and grow from leaf axils. It often appears before the leaves grow fully and has a slight aroma. The tiny, fragile flowers bloom into white clusters as snow, making the ecstatic gaze of anyone suddenly passing by. Their thin petals are easily swept away to create a white carpet on the ground right after blooming time. Such typical pure white of Dalbergia defines particular beauty of Dalbergia odorifera, appealing to everyone.

Surprised by the white Sua flower carpet on ground after a slight rain.

Residents strolling under white Dalbergia odorifera, enjoying the beautiful Ciputra Hanoi natural picture in the late spring.