Climbing roses originate from South America, but now this plant is grown and widely distributed worldwide. Climbing roses may have many different colors such as pink, purple, white, red, orange and yellow. Each color has diversified meanings. For example, pink climbing roses symbolize love and uniqueness, purple climbing roses represent pride and sophistication, and white climbing roses often symbolize innocence and purity.

Climbing roses flourish bloom on the inner roads of Ciputra Hanoi.

 Climbing roses are the type of flower loved by everyone because of their delicate beauty and variety of colors. In addition, climbing roses also carry the meaning of love and loyalty. In many cultures, climbing roses are often used to represent eternal love and loyalty. With its delicate beauty and profound meaning, climbing roses deserve to be one of the most favored flowers.

Climbing roses usually bloom in spring, from May to July depending on climate and soil conditions.

The rows of pink climbing roses are the symbol of summer at Ciputra Hanoi in June.

Planting climbing roses in the home garden not only creates a green, elegant, and beautiful space but also has spiritual meaning. In feng shui, climbing roses bring peace, luck, and fortune to the homeowner. Furthermore, climbing roses also have the ability to absorb toxic gases, reduce noise levels, and improve air quality.

Climbing roses cover the buildings (Photo Ciputra Hanoi).

From May to July every year, climbing roses shine with bright pink color and sweet fragrance throughout the internal roads of Ciputra Hanoi International City. The tiny flowers dotted on the green background of leaves create a beautiful scene, attracting all eyes.

Climbing roses are a favored kind of flower in township housing areas (Photo Ciputra Hanoi).


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