Hanoi Green Marathon 2018 Green Racing Track at Ciputra Hanoi


Hanoi Green Marathon 2018 Green Racing Track at Ciputra Hanoi

The Hanoi Half Marathon 2018 (HHM) international running successfully took place in Ciputra Hanoi in the morning of 9 December 2018 with beautiful moments and super-impressive records, which has left many unforgettable emotions in the hearts of sport lovers.

Ciputra – Pioneer Green International City was chosen as the venue for the HHM Running for 12 consecutive years.

The running competing on distances of 21km, 10km, 5km, 3km and 1km has the starting point at Ciputra Club and across the Ecopath Roads around The Link Apartment Complex, Central Park Villa and Grand Gardenville Villa Ciputra, and finish point back to Ciputra Club. This race has attracted nearly 700 athletes from 31 countries around the world, of all ages, skin colors, professional and semi-professional, including the drastic face of the athletes called “opponent of equal strength, a well-matched pair”- Cao Ngoc Ha, Nguyen Tien Hung – the “strong runner” of the Vietnamese running team or Hugo Page – a foreign runner who have “ruled the roost” at the running in Hanoi. In this year’s running, athlete Nguyen Tien Hung finished first in 21km content with super-impressive performance of: 1:16:38.

Looking back at the most memorable moments of Hanoi Half Marathon at Ciputra:

Athletes at the starting line with the high-levelled determination

Children also with the spirit of “decisive battle”

The green race roads at Ciputra

There were many “family athletes” participating in the Running

As the oldest running event in Hanoi, the Hanoi Half Marathon is organized by the Sporting Republic International Event Organizer, the volunteers of the Hanoi Red River Organization and the Education for Nature-Vietnam (ENV) with lofty and beautiful meaning of “Run for Vietnamese Wildlife”. The slogan of this year running is “Run for the Tigers – Tigers belong to the Nature” with the goal of encouraging the community to commit not to using tiger-produced and ending the tiger hunting, captive and trade. This running is completely non-profit and all donations will be sent to the Education for Nature-Vietnam (ENV).