A moon season has come again, a mid-autumn festival welcomed thousands of Ciputra Hanoi residents on September 10, 2022, with a lot of entertaining activities, arts and cuisine.

This is an annual community event of Ciputra Hanoi residents, and it is the biggest event of the year, which is keen by the residents. This year’s event became very special after a long quarantine time due to the pandemic.

Before the Moon Festival began, the sound of crispy drums swamped in Ciputra’s streets. Along the Eco Path Lane, the children bounced with their parents. Each group of families chatted, gathered around the flower lantern area to take photos, sat by the booths to enjoy tea, eat cakes, and watch the autumn full moon.


The festival was like a party with many entertaining activities suitable for all ages. For adults, it was the train journey to their childhood memories with their parents and grandparents in the past. For children, it was a shimmering and colorful world like an innocent fairy tale. The games that attracted the most interest were: Happy train, Tea pot ferris and Funny wheel. The children can discover the creativity and the ingenuity of their hands through the lantern and star-shaped lantern making booths. The circus performance “Counting Class” seemed to be purely funny entertainment, but it inspired the love of learning, class, and school. The children also experienced learning new things from life and the world around. Through the art performances, the residents can also contemplate the elegant beauty of Ao Dai and national costumes.

Everyone in attendance was impressed and did not want to leave the festival, which was full with Vietnamese colors and traditions.

Let’s take a look back at the wonderful moments at the last Moon Festival of Ciputra Hanoi 2022.